Busabala Youth and Children Empowerment Association

BYCEA stands for Busabala Youth and Children Empowerment Association. We alleviate poverty by strengthening youth-led development initiatives. When you buy products from us, you support these youths/children, their families and their communities.
May 23, 2011 - PRLog -- BYCEA stands for Busabala Youth and Children Empowerment Association. It is a community based organization (CBO) non denominational, which fights extreme poverty by empowering the youths and children to be better at approaching the challenges of their lives.
Youth is perceived as the phase of life where there is teeming energy from an individual with a great motivation to discovery and experimentation. It is surely a step away from Childhood, but a journey towards maturity. They are Y- Yearning for great things, O - Outreaching, U - Under Pressure to match personal goals and societal expectations, T - Transitional moment to be captured when it lasts, and H - Hopeful for the future.
Elders and youth accuse each other over the many problems of society. Elders say that youths have totally failed to engage in the development of their communities. Many youths, as a result, have migrated to urban or other places for "sweeter life".
One of the leading causes of this movement is that many youths don't seem to realize the potential they have around them. Instead they see their DREAM elsewhere. Unfortunately, at a number of times, many have not achieved that DREAM where they have gone! Is it because their parents have not blessed those DREAMS? We believe the answer lies in a broad perspective of poverty.
As BYCEA, we are dedicated to alleviating poverty by initiating and strengthening youth-led development initiatives. We empower them and provide them with markets for their products, and we help them expand production and improve themselves and their communities as well.
Every product we sell is handmade by BYCEA related members in Uganda. The producers are paid and they work in a clean, safe, and healthy environment. BYCEA also provides technical and business assistance to our producers. When you buy products from us, you support these youths/children, their families and their communities.
We call on our well wishers to DONATE to us to enable us EMPOWER more youths and children. By visiting our website, you are already one of our well wishers. Your donation will contribute towards improving the conditions of these children and youths. It will further assist us in furthering many more projects to help reduce the poverty levels in our clients. Donating to us saves innocent lives. THANK YOU!
UR MOTTO: To the best of my ability!!! OUR VISION: To help the Youth/Children transform into modernized, self reliant and better citizens through support for development programs, empowerment, participation and implementation of programs designed to improve the livelihood of our clients. OUR MISSION: We address the social and economic empowerment of our clients; Enabling them to develop collective and individual skills to attain and promote good living conditions and building our capacity to competently serve the developmental interests and aspirations of members, clients, and the society at large.
BYCEA came to improve the lives of such starting with Busabala to draw in impact on Uganda as a whole. By this, the youths shall entice those from other places to flow to Busabala and Uganda at large to work further for development. As one of its projects, BYCEA has embarked on jewelry and crafts making to create avenues for the unrealized chances available to the our clients to encourage them remain and do something for their development. Therefore, BYCEA is bridging between this state of affairs and the nice hearted people over the world. For the start we have empowered some youths to do the jewelry and crafts seen here. We want them to teach more youths among our youths. The work they do is a source of income to them and for the organization to run that project as it provides the materials. Further more, what remains is used in educating a few selected orphaned children. However, we are planning on starting our nursery school so we groom our own people even if it means up to uniersity. Most of our Jewelry is made out of NICE African Special Beads - Specifically selected to suit your style!!! It does not matter your color. We do it to the best of our ability. Try us you will not imagine the quality for which you pay less!!! We are starting to expand the crafts field we shall produce very good crafts as our youths are very talented. Everything we do is HAND MADE, therefore made with a person touch. WE LOVE THAT.
The Association shall basically fund its programmes and activities through: Self help programmes like earning commission after delivering lawful services to either individuals or bodies whether cooperate or not, Net profits earned from sales of produce, Contributions of members plus any monies accrue from its own income-generating schemes and fundraising activities, Donations and grants from International and local development and welfare organization / Agencies; Governmental bodies, and individual benefactors.
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: To encourage youths born in Busabala Parish to return, put hands together for the development of Busabala, To promote unity and mutual understanding among members, To meet and share experiences, methods and ideas for effective development, To seek empowerment skills that are relevant to the less privileged, To facilitate creation of jobs, To acquire and own projects for economic, spiritual, social, educational, developmental and health benefits of members, To employ personnel, techniques, experts, trademarks, labour expatriates in furtherance of the BYCEA objectives, To engage in commercial ventures that will earn monies for achievements of their objectives, To work in conjunction with local, national and international bodies with similar objectives, To initiate, shape and promote appropriate financial strategies, policies and practices, To promote sustainable development, To organize or engage in fundraising drives or other activities locally or overseas to establish a sound financial base, To assist members acquire loans for household improvement, To Promote cooperation and the saving culture in our members and clients, To establish a resource centre for education, information, entertainment of the vulnerable youth/children.
Visit us at; http://www.bycea.org/

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