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Savings and Recovery, LLC has now served over five hundred clients.Savings and Recovery will pursue every possible usage reduction.Savings and Recovery will help clients to reduce their utilities expenses.Savings and Recovery gives usage reduction.
May 22, 2011 - PRLog -- Savings and Recovery, LLC (1999)
Utilities, Rates, Usage, System Auditors
Executive Management Team
Steven Rafter, CEO, Senior Field Analyst
James Valgean, President, Audit Services
Pam Jonson, Secretary, Treasurer
Words from the CEO
When put simply…our audit works. Many times new clients find it hard to believe that Savings and Recovery, LLC can save them money through a utilities audit. This is perfectly understandable since many have never engaged Savings and Recovery or agreed to have an audit conducted. Savings and Recovery, LLC has now served over five hundred clients who have been unnecessarily paying utility bills without knowing it. The hundreds of audited clients that Savings and Recovery has serviced, now have significantly lower costs, more efficient operations and a more competitive edge because of the investment into Savings and Recovery, LLC. In this economic recovery, cost control and expense reduction demand that companies act now or, otherwise, suffer lower profits. Worst case scenario, before the service of Savings & Recovery, go out of business entirely. After all, according to Savings and Recovery, LLC, “savings do go straight to the bottom line.” Savings and Recovery, LLC has a guarantee that if you don’t save, you are charged no fee.

What We Do at Savings and Recovery
The mission of Savings and Recovery, LLC is to audit all major utility expenses for a client company. In doing so, Savings and Recovery becomes an objective partner in total
utility cost reduction. We thoroughly audit electric and gas usage, rates, demand, billings, metering, tariffs and taxes; telephone and water billings.
The goal is to reduce utility expenses immediately and on a future basis for our clients. While in the meantime recover provable overcharges from the past.
Savings and Recovery, LLC Overview and History
Savings and Recovery’s comprehensive audit dates all the way back to 1975. It is based upon an engineering model of medium and large company electric and gas efficiency and utility providers seeking continuous higher profit. Telephone and water audits were later added to our repertoire of services as clients requested additional audit services. What Savings and Recovery found is that a significantly high percentage of errors were discovered in those utilities. In 1999, Steven Rafter, a utilities auditing field analyst and entrepreneur from the parent company, and James Valgean, the son of the original
developer, an industrial engineer, 30 year veteran of electric and gas audits, started Savings and Recovery. Together they updated all parts of the auditing process with Savings and Recovery to bring the same process, detail and results to smaller businesses.
Saving’s and Recovery Philosophy
Our company philosophy is to fully engage each client throughout the audit process without any interruption of their business. Savings and Recovery will help clients to reduce their utilities expenses. Our guarantee is to save a minimum of 15% for the next (future) twelve months, without looking or factoring in multiple year historical bill overcharges otherwise there is no charge. Such past claims could greatly increase the recovery portion of the audit. If that 15% minimum is not achieved by us, the client keeps all of the savings and there is no charge for the audit. Savings and Recovery will pursue every possible usage reduction, rate decrease, bill challenges, overcharge, meter or calculation error like a pack of bloodhounds in hot pursuit of the their prey in order to save companies money.
Proprietary Information and Client Confidentiality

Savings and Recovery does not utilize direct contact references for the following reasons:
1. It would be in conflict with our confidentially clause with our clients to interfere with their operation due to the influx of calls requesting audit or financial information.
2. We display at least half a dozen real and local client checks during the analyst/qualifying meeting.
3. Our system cannot be copywrited or patented; we are always protecting our audit services from being obtained by non-client entities.
4. This is the reason we do provide Better Business Bureau, Dunn and Bradstreet, Suppliers and other background information, so that you can check us out to your satisfaction. After all, you want to know that we do what we say we do. If we did not, our record with the above non-biased third parties would be very negative. Instead, for example we have had zero complaints in 36 months with the BBB.
5. Our audit is fail safe. We will attain a 15% REDUCTION of your utilities costs or there will be NO charge.

Contact Us

Savings and Recovery, LLC operates in San Juan Capistrano, CA. For more information, you can contact Savings & Recovery by telephone, fax or e-mail today!
Telephone (949)429-5190
Fax (949)276-6695

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