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Corporations tend to blindly accept Secure E-mail providers claims of being “secure” without asking pertinent questions. Quanta Consulting Inc. advises corporations to check for their email providers 3rd party certifications.
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"Its pronounced sky, not ski"
"Its pronounced sky, not ski"
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May 21, 2011 - PRLog -- Geneva - The problem for corporate executives is that they, more often than not, leave IT decisions in the hands of the IT manager; for good reason. Like the overwhelming majority of the planet’s inhabitants the executives know next to zero about computers, networks and IT security. The problem with IT personnel is they tend to fixate on what a system is capable of doing, ‘geek fascination’ and not the overriding needs of the executives; to have confidential communications not subjected to being intercepted, stolen, forwarded to 3rd parties, subjected to e-discovery and most importantly not accessible to IT personnel (Inside IT personnel are increasingly becoming a major source of corporate espionage activity).

IT personnel read data sheets that disclose the level of encryption used and understand it and based on this declare it safe and secure to use. Quanta wanted to know, who said it was safe and secure?

Aero Consulting Inc. the developers of the Secure Client Information Exchange (SCIE) openly disclose the 3rd party testers and what tests were conducted and when. As technology develops at lightning speed what was secure last year may not be secure today.

SCIE System Security Testing Information & Certification is available for viewing at:

Quanta Consulting Inc. conducted an informal survey of 15 ‘secure e-mail providers’ for disclosure of 3rd party testing. “Just Google ‘secure email’ and go to their sites”, advised Quanta’s Executive Director Stella Smith, “Few if any state that the actual system had any independent third party testing”.

Many corporate email providers also provide penetration testing for clients IT systems and their own email system, directly or through a subsidiary as part of their service, “clearly a conflict of interest”, added Ms. Smith. “They are testing their own system.”

Quanta advises that executives look into their corporate email systems and see if they can guarantee confidentiality for private conversations and if the system itself is subjected to regular independent 3rd party testing. “The system itself has to be 3rd party tested, not just firewall penetration testing”, Smith advised.

The Secure Client Information Exchange (SCIE) is not a replacement for corporate email. SCIE is strictly for keeping confidential conversations, confidential.

The recent attacks on the NASDAQ Directors Desk service emphasizes the value of executives confidential communications. “All of the experts say the hackers were after one thing only, insider information to trade on”, said Smith, “Hacking is more about money than destruction”.

What do corporate secure email service providers think about companies using secure email for confidential communications?

"Don't put anything in writing that you don't want the whole world to see," said Keith Crosley, director of market development for Proofpoint. Not only are emails not private, but they are also permanent. "Emails are basically indestructible, like cockroaches,”…….


For further information on keeping your confidential business conversations confidential, by using the SCIE system, please visit the Quanta Consulting website:

Quanta Consulting is a worldwide distributor of the Secure Client Information Exchange; SCIE.

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Quanta’s main priority is confidentiality and security combined with a high level of service; presenting the Client with the best possible options to insure that all is in the best interest of the client.
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