Custom Drapery on Existing Vertical Blind Hardware!

Drape98 has developed a custom drapery that hangs on existing vertical blind hardware. VerticalMate and is now available offering a great looking, cost saving solution for drapery/vertical blind changeout.
By: Drape98 Express, LLC
May 22, 2011 - PRLog -- Drape98 has just released their revolutionary new product - VerticalMate!  VerticalMate is a custom drapery designed and manufactured to hang on existing vertical blind hardware and it is taking resort areas by storm!    

Drape98 provides custom drapery for many rental condominiums and time shares along the Gulf of Mexico and along the east coast of the southern United States.  Much of Drape98 business came about by offering affordable drapery solutions for rental property owners that wanted to change out their vertical blinds.  Amy Hunley, Drape98 Co-Owner and President, tells how it all came about.  "Our customers were tired of having to fix the vertical blind vanes and carriers.  Renters don't know how to use them - and it was costing them a fortune in maintenance fees."

As Drape98 was providing total drapery changeout, many customers kept asking if there was some way to hang  a drape on the vertical blind hardware already there.  "The lightbulb went off, and we began working on a prototype right away!" explains Hunley.  

VerticalMate by Drape98 is an easy, cost effective solution for vertical blind drapery replacement.  Hunley explains that while there are products out there already offering a drapery "look" to hang on vertical blinds,they are different because they use the existing vanes, which most of their customers are ready to dispose and they are also much more expensive.  "Our product is easy", says Hunley.  "All we need to know is how many vanes you have, how long the vanes are, how wide the track is and whether it opens left, right or center."  Once Drape98 has this basic information, they are ready to produce your custom drapery and ship directly to you.  

And one of the best things about VerticalMate is how easy it is to install.  Chris Harrelson, Co-Owner and CEO of Drape98 has taken part in many VerticalMate installations as the product was being developed and tested.  "VerticalMate  is so easy to install and this is really important to the keeping the overall costs down," says Harrelson.  "One of the highest costs of custom drapery changeouts is the professional installation fee because drapery hardware can be a challenge to hang.  While we can provide VerticalMate installation if needed, installation time and costs are much less for VerticalMate than for traditional drapery."

How does it work?  Drape98 has designed and manufactured tape that is sewn at the header of the drapery. This tape has special loops that work within the vertical blind carriers.  To hang, just unclip the current vertical blind vanes from the carriers and insert the header tape loops in their place.  Now you have a installed a new custom drapery!  

Harrelson is quick to point out the safety features of VerticalMate as well.  "So many of the current rental property verticals, particularly old ones, are opened and closed using cording.  Dangling cords is highly unsafe because it poses strangulation dangers for children and small pets.  What's great about our product is that you can clip and remove the cording and then insert a baton; taking and unsafe cord draw vertical blind and easily turning it into  a much safer and easer baton draw drapery!"

Drape98 is pleased to offer this revolutionary product for immediate sale and can ship any where in the United States.  For more information, please visit their website at www.drape98.dom or contact Drape98 at 850.225.8861.

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Drape98, LLC is a custom drapery company offering fair pricing and reasonable turn around on custom drapery. They are a woman owned business proudly serving the United States!

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