Local Plymouth, MA Artisan, Maria Sellman, Accepted via Jury to Three Sisters' Marketplace

New Online Marketplace for Artisans, Crafters & Hobbyists to Sell Their Work
By: Wendy Wolf
May 19, 2011 - PRLog -- Contact: Maria Sellman Artist of Sumi Earth Art                                                    
Email: maria4601@comcast.net

Local Plymouth, MA Artisan, Maria Sellman,  Accepted via Jury to Three Sisters' Marketplace

New Online Marketplace for Artisans, Crafters & Hobbyists to Sell Their Work

Local Artisan, Maria Sellman, was recently approved to sell her work on a new online marketplace – ThreeSistersMarketplace.com.  You can find Maria's Shop at www.ThreeSistersMarketplace.com/sumiearthart

Over the years Maria Sellman has engaged in some form art. "As a young girl I would create cards for friends and family members. Usually working in watercolors and chalk pastels. I continued my creative streak by majoring in art in High School. says Sellman.  As a young adult she painted slates often using Asian influences in the designs. Sellman has also crafted pine cone angels and she still does.

Sellman says, "Today finds me with  a passion for gardening and preserving delicate flowers, foliage and seaweeds. Having read about a Japanese ink painting technique called Sumi~ee, by Naomi Yakamoto, I ordered a kit and technique study book. Studied the technique and am continuing to master this art practice. This led to one those aha! moments and Sumi Earth Art was born."

Sellman is a long time resident of Plymouth, Massachusetts. "I love the area, we have a diverse natural community, the arts are popular here." says Sellman.  She studied at Bridgewater State college and received a BS in education. She currently holds 1 certification and 2 licenses, but is unable to find employment. "Being a motivated person I reinvented myself and entered the world of art. I created sumi earth art." says Sellman.  The process is evolving for Sellman. She uses dry materials, such as blossoms, leaves, barks from her garden and the local area and seaweeds which she harvests herself from Plymouth Beach.

Once dried, she arranges materials and affix them to watercolor stock. Sellman adds a sand-dollar, collected by hand from Plymouth's Long Beach, as the sun. To complete the fine craft work she uses the Sumi~ ee technique to add details and complete the scene. "I am a proud member of the Plymouth Art Guild. My piece "June Beauty" was selected for the summer show 2010." Sellman said.  She occasionally enters work here. Her fine craft can also be seen at Whimsical Wishes in Plymouth's Village Landing and online at Three Sister's Marketplace. Sellman's blog can be found here-  www.blogspot.com/sumiearthart  "All pieces are unique, no two are alike. They are signed, numbered and stamped in the sumi~ee tradition." Sellman says.

Sellman is a local artist who is interested in increasing her network by joining online sales on the Three Sister's Marketplace web - community. Sumi Earth Art had to pass a jury to be approved to sell on this site, this maintains a high level of quality artisan shops.

About Three Sisters' Marketplace: Three Sisters’ Marketplace was founded in Philadelphia, PA by businesswoman and artist Wendy Wolf.  After years as a successful executive in sales and marketing in the pharmaceutical industry, Wolf decided to combine her business experience and her passion for art to build a web-based business http://www.ThreeSistersMarketplace.com.

Wolf’s inspiration came from the people closest to her - artisans in her family, her friends and neighbors who created beautiful pottery, hand-knit sweaters, and fine jewelry as well as unique sculptures, paintings and more. Artisans found it was a challenge to justify the expenses of maintaining art galleries and art stores or carting delicate items to and from art exhibits and craft shows. Wolf thought it would be easier to create a platform online to showcase items and create an art community exchange.  

The whole basis of the site is the balance of the ‘three’ as in the Native American ‘three sisters’ legend of corn, beans, and squash planted as inseparable sisters who grow and thrive together.  It is a sophisticated, sustainable system that provides long-term soil fertility and a healthy diet to generations.  The three plants flourish because of their symbiotic relationship of working together.  “On Three Sisters' Marketplace the artisans, shoppers and our online community all benefit from the relationship – the artisan makes a sale, the buyer gets a quality handmade product, and Three Sisters' Marketplace also benefits by bringing them together and growing for the future” says Wolf. The three plants flourish because they work and grow together – just as artisans, shoppers and our online community do on Three Sisters' Marketplace (www.threesistersmarketplace.com) .

Three Sisters Marketplace is a family business that supports artisans across the United States. Wolf is a wife, mom, artist, sales person, marketer and leader who is now using the skills she’s honed to launch a dream. The purpose is to bring the “Main Street shopping experience online.”  Three Sisters’ Marketplace is a people connector that satisfies the needs of everyone in the mix and that also allows everyone to have fun in the process.  

It’s free to join and list at Three Sisters’ Marketplace online at www.ThreeSistersMarketplace.com !

You can also follow Three Sisters’ Marketplace on Facebook and Twitter.
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Contact Wendy Wolf at Wendy@ThreeSistersMarketplace.com

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Three Sisters' Marketplace is an online marketplace where artisans can sign up for free and list their hand-crafted items for sale, connect with customers and list live events on our calendar....and of course great Shopping for unique items!
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