Sustainable, Biodegradable Shipping Partners With Luxury Chocolate And Gourmet Confections

Corn-based insulation and chocolate are perfect partners in a locally-focused, organic, fair-trade luxury food business
May 17, 2011 - PRLog -- BURTON, MICH — French Broad Chocolates believes small food luxuries are part of having a positive relationship with food and one’s body. They also believe that food production must have a positive relationship with the earth. (

Their business passion to be as local, organic and as fair-trade certified as possible comes from their belief that food production must be sustainable — even when that food is created with such care and aesthetic detail that the final product is as much art as it is food.

Until now, it's been impossible to apply a level of sustainability that precise to the shipping process.

The missing link in the chain has always been insulated packaging that utilizes bio-renewable resources, and offers an environmentally responsible disposal option. Key to this mission was an insulating material that assimilates back into nature after its use.

In the end their search led them to Green Cell Foam® - a surprising solution with its origins in America’s familiar cornfields - and a company just as passionate about eco-friendly shipping solutions:  Landaal Packaging Systems. (

Thinking Inside the Box 

What are the hurdles in delivering delicate chocolate truffles and gourmet confections to the customer who can't stop in at the Asheville, North Carolina location? Heat and high humidity in the summertime south, condensation from ice packs, and vibration throughout the transportation process are just some of the obstacles.

Important to French Broad Chocolates is the fact that Green Cell Foam® adds the benefits of greater shock absorption, but even more importantly the ability to wick away excess condensation. There's no need to include additional desiccant in the package to maintain dryness.

Landaal’s Green Cell Foam® is an alternative insulating material produced from little more than 100% US-grown corn, contains no petrochemicals, and has several responsible disposal methods, including composting. 

University studies show that production of Green Cell Foam® has up to an 80% reduction in greenhouse gases, and a 70% decrease in energy requirements from polystyrene.  Legacy materials such as polystyrene and polypropylene have a lifetime of hundreds (if not thousands) of years in a landfill - not to mention being derived from non-renewable fossil fuels. 

In the relatively young market of sustainable, eco-friendly shipping coolers, Landaal Packaging Systems’ Green Cell Foam® is one of the longest-used, most-tested and effective biodegradable cold chain shipping materials on the market today.  Green Cell Foam® has passed or exceeded rigorous testing benchmarks set by the pharmaceutical industry for its refrigerated shipping needs, where temperature control is critical to the chemical integrity of medical substances and human safety.  

A Perfect Match 

Passionate to meet the desires of a customer base - some of them extreme chocophiles - French Broad Chocolates' clients appreciate and fully embrace the sustainable and holistic approach throughout the chocolate making and consumption cycles. The shift to the most ecofriendly shipping coolers available is touted on their website as a "goodbye to polystyrene" and hello to a "massive reduction in environmental impact."

“Landaal’s mission is to be the leader in sustainable packaging,” says Terry Choate, Sales and Operations Planning Manager for Landaal Packaging, but he’s also well aware that in today’s marketplace being green isn’t enough.  “We must be competitively green as well” he says.  And for companies like French Broad Chocolates, who hold themselves accountable for environmentally responsible solutions in day-to-day operations, Green Cell Foam® is a strong step forward. 

Small Luxuries

French Broad Chocolates strives to create small indulgences for their customers. "Even in a tough economy, people still feel the desire to treat themselves to luxury," said Dan Rattigan, who owns French Broad Chocolates with his wife Jael. "They may not be able to afford a new car or even a four-star meal, but there’s definitely room in the financial and calorie budgets for a box of truffles or decadent brownies," said Rattigan.

"Not feeling guilty about their relationship with French Broad Chocolates now extends to the non-local customers who require shipping," said Jael Rattigan.

Landaal Packaging Systems is a valuable resource for progressive-minded companies looking to shrink their carbon footprint, or simply to rethink their packaging materials and shipping practices. Check out this video for more information:  

French Broad Chocolates
French Broad Chocolates started the business as a husband and wife team, operating their business and making chocolates in their home in Asheville, NC. In 2008, they opened the French Broad Chocolate Lounge, and created a beautiful space for customers to come and enjoy their desserts alongside an espresso or glass of wine.

They are passionately committed to a local, organic, farm-direct and sustainable business to the extent which is possible in the world today.

French Broad Chocolates
10 S. Lexington Ave. 
Asheville, NC

Green Cell Foam® is a registered trademark of KTM Industries, Inc.

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Since 1959, Landaal Packaging System has helped customers solve their packaging problems through innovation. The current focus is eco-friendly, biodegradable and sustainable shipping products including green cell foam insulation for cold chain useage.
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