World Peace and Health Organization Celebrates World Peace and Health Day

Founder of the World Peace and Health Organization and Maha Meditation, Ziguang Shang Shi invites world leaders to attend ‘World Peace and Health Day’
WPHO_World Peace and Health Day
WPHO_World Peace and Health Day
May 16, 2011 - PRLog -- Amsterdam, NY – Today, the World Peace and Health Organization celebrated World Peace and Health Day at its headquarter – Western Shrine - outside of Amsterdam NY. Lining the road to the conference building were the flags representing many nations. People who speak different languages, from all walks of life, gathered together to play gong and drums, and sing songs and dance to welcome the day.

Despite the festive mood, the reason for World Peace and Health Day was to highlight the fact that world is not peaceful, with oppression wars, conflicts and frequent disasters such as earthquake, tsunamis and the most recent nuclear meltdown raging in many places, and it is not healthy, with epidemics of physical and mental diseases plaguing even affluent countries.

Holy Master Ziguang Shang convened the World Peace and Health Day conference to encourage all the leaders of all countries in the world to confront these realities and addressed the cause of war. He said, "Guang Huan Mi Zong is an organization promoting world peace and human health. It provides effective healing through Dharma whenever humans are in need of help." And the Holy Master called on the participation and support from all countries, all ethnic groups, and all religions, in order to "prevent disasters in the world and make it a better place". He mentioned, "Our goal is to avoid or postpone the destructive catastrophes of the earth."

Then the Holy Master gave speech on the power of Guang Huan Mi Zong Maha Meditation Dharma practices, presenting that it can:

•   Improve ability to resist to viruses, bacteria and radiation

•   Promote a decrease in aggression, depression, addiction, and other negative emotions

•   Cleanse chemical, and other forms of pollution in the internal organs

•   Stimulate the human immune system and self-healing mechanisms

•   Provide an increase in physical energy, stamina, and productivity

•   Reduce, relieve, and cure chronic diseases and chronic pain

•   Develop empathy, compassion, self-reflection and understanding of others

•   Increase mental clarity, insight, inspiration, and creativity, and problem solving ability

•   And more!

A representative from Hong Kong believes that the Maha Meditation technique is an economical and effective solution for the health problems threatening to overwhelm the health care systems of even the wealthiest countries. A WPHO volunteer James, head editor of a publishing company in San Francisco, said, "it's a method to promote harmony and peace within individuals, society’s nations, and the whole world." "We work together to make our dreams come true." said Flora, a website engineer from Beijing.

About World Peace and Health Organization and Maha Meditation

The WPHO is a non-profit organization founded by Holy Ziguang Shang Shi. It located in Amsterdam NY, with a membership from around the world. Its mission is promoting world peace and human health, with the vision of eliminating evils, wars, epidemics and diseases that threaten the survival of human life and creating a new, healthy and peaceful world on the earth. The World Peace and Health Organization was founded to take the power of Guang Huan Mi Zong Maha Meditation Dharma practices, and apply them to the challenges of human life.

Maha Meditation is dedicated to spreading the secret meditation techniques launched in April 16, 2011 that can allow human beings to overcome limitations and achieve their true potential for the sake of a peaceful, healthy, unified world.

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Maha Meditation is the most powerful meditation technique. It was created and launched by Holy Ziguang Shang Shi in Apr 2011. Its effects are immediate and profound. Meditators can relive or cure a diverse array of physical and mental diseases.
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