Priya Basil inspired a VAANI member with learning disability to write a poem

Zahara Hussain who attends VAANI's regular sessions as part of SENSE a project specifically focused upon Asian Women with learning disabilities said she wanted to be just like Priya Basil.
May 16, 2011 - PRLog -- Priya Basil, and Chan Ling Yap graced VAANI members with their presence last evening. It was a magical experience!

VAANI is immensely proud of their very special member Zahara Hussain who attends their regular sessions as part of SENSE a project specifically focused upon Asian Women with learning disabilities. Her poem "My Dream" was so touching that many had tears in their eyes! She said she was inspired by the published authors who came to give talks at VAANI's events. Zahara added that she wanted to be just like Priya Basil. VAANI wishes the best for her and hopes her dream of 'being free' comes true soon and she could live her life independently in this world.
Chairperson VAANI Smita Singh opined that "This is the reason why VAANI is. Literature is like a scent that floods the senses and makes one addicted. It educates while entertaining. A meeting place like VAANI gives opportunity to those who least expect to get it."

More on the event last evening, Chan Ling Yap's historical story Sweet offerings gelled quiet well with the Valentine Mansion's own historical back ground. Valentine Mansion based in ilford, Redbridge used to be the trade center of East India Company. Some say that the root to all corruption started here!
Priya's readings from her novel Ishque and Mushque resonated the era gone by. She also read from her recent novel The obscure logic of the heart which filled the room with love.

The audience grilled both of them with numerous questions from publishing to writing and they answered each one with patience. A young girl Jivya asked Priya if she's written anything for children and she said that her most recent novella 16:02 was something that would interest the young audience very much.

The best advice given out by Priya for all those who write was:
"Reading a how-to-write-a book is not going to help much but writing and writing a lot would definitely help you finding your own voice and your own style."

VAANI is proud of all its members who read their work last evening. Thanks to Anand Nair, Sunita Pattani, Rupam Shrivastava and Hema Macherla who read from her latest novel Blue Eyes, for reading their work and helping to make the evening a success.

Special thanks to Manjit K Jootle for her generous gift bags from Aunelle handed out to all VAANI's guests as well as audience and to Chairperson of VAANI Smita Singh for organising such wonderful event.

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For the voice of Asian Women Writers and Artists. VAANI creates a platform for its members by promoting, encouraging, teaching the creative skills. VAANI calls all Asian women writers and Artists to come together and join hands.

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