FoxTrax, a St. Louis based GPS Company, Helps Vehicle Fleets Combat Rising Fuel Prices

The St. Louis based GPS company, FoxTrax GPS, is in the business of helping small to mid-sized companies save money with reliable real time tracking devices for company fleet vehicles.
May 13, 2011 - PRLog -- While Americans are expecting gas prices to hit an all-time high this summer, many small businesses are struggling to keep their fleet vehicles filled.  To cope with rising gas expenses, these businesses are turning to real-time GPS tracking devices, like the Mini MT Tracker or the MT GU Tracker from FoxTrax.

FoxTrax GPS, based in St. Louis, MO, is one such company that helps relieve the effects of skyrocketing gas prices. Pat Brannan, owner of FoxTrax, explained the sheer impact FoxTrax GPS technology can have on the small business budget.

“Gas prices are something we have little control over.  It’s one of those things you have to accept.  The only way to save money is to make your business run smarter.  FoxTrax GPS tracking can help.” says owner Pat Brannon.

GPS tracking can help businesses save money by managing their fleet vehicles.  Fleet management helps curb gasoline usage by mapping out the most direct route between A and B.  GPS fleet management also detects when a business’ driver is ‘taking the long way back,’ whether to perform side jobs or otherwise.

“It’s a harsh reality that some drivers are not honest about their work,” Brannan continued.  “GPS tracking, when implemented, will help keep drivers honest and in accordance with the company’s bottom line. It also provides managers with the chance to reward those who consistently play by the rules and put your business’s best face forward.”

Two things help FoxTrax GPS stand out in the crowd of GPS technology providers.  Firstly, the FoxTrax real-time fleet vehicle tracker is the most inexpensive of its kind, with devices starting at just $149.96, with no contact and a low monthly service cost.  Also, FoxTrax GPS works specifically with small to mid-sized businesses.

“We want to work with a very specific client base,” Brannan explained.  “We want to help smaller businesses manage their fleet vehicles.  We’re not in the market for suspicious spouses or worried parents.”  Brannan noted that many GPS vehicle trackers gear their marketing campaigns toward spouses who suspect extramarital affairs, and worried parents who want their teens to drive safely in safe places.

Realizing that small businesses sometimes have to scrimp and pinch, the affordability of the FoxTrax real-time vehicle tracking system is an added bonus to the money a business can save on gas alone.

“FoxTrax GPS is a small business, too,” Brannan pointed out.  “We understand how much of an issue money is for these businesses.  The money saving power a business can acquire through this technology is paramount to surviving in this economy.”

For more information on FoxTrax’s clever solutions for GPS vehicle tracking, visit

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Based in St. Louis, Missouri, FoxTrax makes GPS tracking simple, effective and inexpensive. It offers low-cost tracking devices, a 30-day guarantee, no contract and a best-price guarantee. Visit to learn more.

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