Twitter For Business Costs Money

Twitter is without doubt flavour of the moment within social networking sites, everyone is twittering about something somewhere, and often many companies have entered into the social environment as a knee jerk reaction or in panic mode.
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TSG Creative & Tandem Solutions
May 13, 2011 - PRLog -- Twitter or even the next big social media platform needs a planned approach, after all you might think at first glance it’s free access to loads of customers, well, it is and it isn’t, are you sure your customers are on Twitter anyway.

Let’s Clear up a myth about Twitter for business, it’s not free, ok, so yes at the moment there is no cash outlay to open and operate a twitter account, personally I think this will change in the future and registered business or commercial twitter account will have to pay an annual fee, but that’s another story.

Running a business twitter account costs money, how much will depend on the size of your brand, and it’s popularity or quite possibly how good or bad your customer service is, negative news always travels further than positive comments. The true costs are time, to run a successful long term twitter or indeed any social media campaign takes a lot of commitment and buy in is often difficult form senior management who perhaps don’t understand this relatively new marketing medium or should I say communication medium, because strictly speaking this is often were many businesses that rushed to get a Twitter presence came unstuck, you simply cannot treat social media marketing in the same way as other online marketing channels,” slowly slowly catchy monkey” is an old saying that’s spot on for marketing to the social media community.

Many online marketing agencies will sell you Twitter account management as a must have service in you marketing mix but the truth is these agencies don’t understand the medium themselves fully, either that or they are not interested in keeping their clients happy and retaining their business long term. Not all businesses need a Twitter account some sensitive services don’t fit that well within a social media environment, such as STD clinics or funeral directors to name a couple are prime example where rushing into have a Twitter presence can do more harm than good, these type of services need careful planning.  For these types of businesses social media can be leveraged in a positive but completely different way with great results.

The best bet if eseih your still unsure about using Twitter as a promotional tool for your business is to first look at the search or tweet volume in your sector and see what you competitors are doing, do they have many followers, are they active on a regular basis, if they are and have been for some time then it might be worth your while providing of course you can dedicate the resources required and actually have something to say when on Twitter, keeping the flow going takes effort and unless you are tracking the performance of your Twitter account how will you know the time has been well spent.

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