America's crisis, is there "No Solution...?" Hot artist Brandon Jarod may have the answer.

Is america's future filled with doubt and confusion, instead of positive notions of capitalism. Do we need a infusion of fresh blood in our veins, to energize us? What's the solution, where do we go from here? Maybe Brandon Jarod can help us here!
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May 12, 2011 - PRLog -- America's crisis, is there "No solution...?". visit For 30 years now america has been changing for the good some will say, for worst most others will shout.
The infamous theory of trickle down has made a few enormously rich, while reducing the rest of americans to a lower way of living.
Which way is best? You decide, if you're over 40 years old or so ask yourself, have you ever struggled so much before? Have your medical,food,utilities, rent etc. ever been so difficult to deal with? Are you required to reduce your leisure time to increase your money making needs?

If you answered yes, then you live on main street and not wall street. If you answered I don't care about my expenses, then you are a by product of trickle down. A rare species from the planet called "Crisis".
You see "Crisis" citizens are very well off, they have no financial problems, because they trickled them down to main street for the rest of us to endure. Causing young people to ponder about their future like no time since the 1930's! Hot artist Brandon Jarod sings about this despair in his hit single "No Solution..." visit
It paints their feeling of no matter how hard they try, it gets them nowhere. This is not the solution to make america great again! Brandon Jarod vzyno gives hope by his emotional cry in the song from the new release "The Crush".

"No no I can't take it no more" giving people the spirit to fight this malaise and change the direction of the nation. They remember that we have the power to change this condition, it's simple Vote! Elect the proper officials that will create the laws that enhances the citizens of main street, because you see all of our problems are caused by none other than the people we elect to serve us.

They serve, but they serve the citizens of "Crisis" and not the people of main street. Simply stop reelecting the same people who caused this problem for America, Stop it!
In fact you might even say, to elect a rich person and expect them to serve a middle class person is folly. They serve their own best interest, which is to protect their interest -lot's of money. Where as, if you elect a middle class person, they will vote their best interest - American's first and foremost.
They know a rising tide lifts all boats, this is trickle up it works! Brandon Jarod has another
relevant song called " Cream" which is about a rich person struggle to remain rich or to think about others. This is America's struggle and challenge right now. If we are to regain our moxy as the greatest country on earth, we must reassure our youth there is a solution, vote and vote often for the right people. When we regain our congress from the citizen's of "Crisis" and restore this office to it's rightful owners, the people of main street.

America once more will shine as the beacon of light for the rest of the world!
Brandon Jarod in essence is a true American hero, one who has pulled himself up by his boot laces and had given people hope again in this great country.

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