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Have you just completed a substance abuse rehab program at an alcoholism treatment center? Are you now ready to return to the mainstream of society?
By: Stephanie Humphries
May 10, 2011 - PRLog -- Have you just completed a substance abuse rehab program at an alcoholism treatment center? Are you now ready to return to the mainstream of society? At such a time, hundreds of thoughts might be running in your mind related to how life would be after leaving the rehab center. You will certainly be trying your best to live a sober life but the chances of relapse remain. Here are some of the tips that will help you ensure that you stick to a sober life ahead.

The best measure that one can take to ensure the avoidance of a relapse is to take part in an aftercare program offered by the various alcoholism rehab centers. These aftercare programs will help you to remain focused on avoiding alcohol. People often become overconfident and believe that a peg or two would not make them addicts again. This is the worst mistake a person can make at this stage and this can potentially lead them back into the dark world of addiction. An aftercare program helps the people by keeping them focused and oriented. It is therefore important that you seek aftercare therapy as this will help you have a realistic approach towards life.

Another important measure is engaging yourself in activities. Try to be busy as far as possible. Select the company you keep with care. Avoid people who might lead you to drinking. Spend as much time as you can with your family and friends you can trust. You may have made acquaintance with several people in the rehab centers while undergoing treatment. Spending time with them can be very helpful for getting rid of loneliness and spending quality time. Return to working with new vigor and concentrate on your job as this will keep you busy.

Most importantly, take care of yourself. There are a lot of things that can tempt you to return to your addiction. Avoid situations like being hungry, feeling tired and feeling lonely. These can act as triggers to alcoholism. It is important that you consume right food, get enough sleep and have a number of good friends who do not drink. These are a few ways you can take care of yourself.

Bear in mind the list of advices given to you at the alcoholism treatment centers. These centers basically teach you the way to live without alcohol. Keep in touch with what you have learnt at your relapse prevention program. You must have been prepared there to face various situations that might tempt you to go back to addiction. You must have also learnt several life skills. Make use of these trainings and keep in touch with the program for at least one year. You will find that it has helped you in many situations.

Additionally, you can also discuss with your family and close ones regarding your feelings. You must discuss both positive and negative feelings. These suggestions will help you to lead a sober life.                                                              

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