Neuroscience and Localization Expertise:TranslateMedia announces partnership with Mountainview

Neuroscience and Localization Expertise to deliver engagement TranslateMedia announces partnership with Mountainview Learning
May 10, 2011 - PRLog -- TranslateMedia, the award-winning global translation agency is proud to announce a partnership with neuroscience experts Mountainview Learning.
Mountainview provides custom research to assesses human emotive and cognitive responses to external stimuli, performing audience testing and data analysis using advanced neuro-cognitive techniques, including eye-tracking, electroencephalograms (EEG), and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).
By tracking conscious and unconscious reactions to visual and aural stimuli, Mountainview are able to give brands and agencies scientifically grounded ingredients to include in their campaigns to maximise the defined audience’s engagement.
Evgeniya Petrova at Mountainview: “As human beings our brains share many characteristics and respond in similar ways across cultures and continents. However, there is evidence that people in different cultures perceive the world slightly differently. In Russian, Italian and other languages for instance, we have two words for blue, depending on the shade - regarding them as different colours - whereas English does not make this distinction."
Multilingual production not only requires translation of text, but also adaptation of visual layouts and, in the case of multimedia products, adaptation of user experience and navigation methods. Providing effective, user-friendly navigation in several languages can be a real challenge. The correct use of the target language will build trust and engagement in the audience, whereas poor language can turn the audience off quickly.
TranslateMedia’s Matt Train explains: “Our clients in media, advertising and marketing rely on us to provide fully localised translations that speak to their audience. We consult with them to build localisation briefs that mean the content is not only translated, but speaks directly to their audience.”
By sharing resources Mountainview will gain access to TranslateMedia’s extensive network of native in-country linguists, while TranslateMedia gains insights into attention and memory triggers and how they vary from culture to culture around the world.
"This co-operation represents a step forward for us in our services. Now we can base our translations not only on the brief and the audience, but also on scientific research” says Matt Train.

About TranslateMedia
TranslateMedia is a leading global language translation agency with offices in London, New York, Paris, Munich and Hong Kong. With a global network of over 5,000 professional language experts, TranslateMedia serves clients across a broad range of industry sectors, and develops web technologies to bring multilingual media effortlessly and cost-effectively to its customers. TranslateMedia was the single fastest growing media company on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA 2010, and ranked 10th in the Media Momentum Europe top 50 for 2010.

About Mountainview Learning
Mountainview Learning is a leading training and research company comprised of expert neuroscientists, behavioural psychologists and business professionals. Mountainview works with major retailers, global brand owners, advertising agencies and Government in the UK and worldwide. Mountainview Learning offers high-tech neuro-cognitive research into advertising and marketing communication as well as cutting edge applied marketing training. By looking at how the brain reacts to an ad (rather than what the mind thinks of it), Mountainview’s techniques can predict, with a high degree of confidence, how successfully the ad copy will sell. Mountainview provides its clients with actionable insights to increase their most important metrics: sales and profit.

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