Measure Golf Swing Speed Using An iPhone App

iPhone Aoo to measure golf swing speed. AR Motion, LLC announces Swing Speed App, a sophisticated videocamera based app that records and plays back golf swing, then with a few taps calculates impact swing speed – now available on iTunes App Store
May 9, 2011 - PRLog -- Darien, CT, May 9 – Are you a golfer?  Are you interested in hitting longer drives?  Do you admire or remember the long drives during your golf round?  Generating faster clubhead speed will result in hitting the ball farther.  Of course, hitting the ball in the sweet spot with a square clubface are important too, but generally the faster you swing through impact, the farther the ball will fly.  

How do you find out how fast you are swinging?  You could use a launch monitor inside a darkened booth at a golf store, or you could buy a radar device.  Or you could use the Swing Speed App and review the video of your swings too.   Do you want to know how fast your clubhead speed is, or how fast your friends' clubhead speeds are?  What about seeing if you can swing faster than your playing partner?

The Swing Speed App (AR Motion, LLC) is a videocamera based iPhone app that measures a golfer's swing speed at impact.  The Swing Speed App uses the videocamera of an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4 to record and playback a golf swing.  After recording the swing with the app and with just a few taps on the iPhone screen, the app uses patent pending algorithms and processes to calculate the golfer's swing speed.  After you get the swing speed, you can replay the swing video in super slow motion or at full speed.  You can send the speed reading results and images to Facebook or email them to friends.

Unlike other apps that measure (or purport to measure) swing speed, the Swing Speed App is a sophisticated app that utilizes specific positioning of the videocamera, golfer and golf ball (just like when using a launch monitor), but adds the capability to replay your swing in slow motion or at full speed.  Use the app to work on your swing or just for fun.  Trying to implement swing changes?  View your swings and see if the changes result in faster swing speeds.  How does your fast swing look compared to your normal swing on video?  Can you increase your swing speed consistently?  Whether you want to measure your swing speed for fun or while you work on your game, the Swing Speed App is a convenient and precise tool to use.

The Swing Speed App costs $9.99 and is now available on the iTunes App Store.

AR Motion, LLC consists of a small group of avid golfers who focus their time on developing unique and value added golf apps.  Please visit us at for more details.

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We are developers focusing on unique and value added golf related mobile apps. Our first app is Swing Speed App which uses the iPhone videocamera to measure a golfer's swing speed at impact. Please visit us at

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