Lets talk about Cool faucets

Cool Faucets in Badshop Sud. Let's talk about KWC designer Faucets, with Colorflow, Puretec and Tipcontrol Features
By: Johann Philip - BadShop-Sud.de
May 9, 2011 - PRLog -- Lets talk about Cool faucets
I'm (http://www.badshop-sud.de) not sure how others feel, but I truly enjoy the new technology, that is incorporated in our everyday lifes. It is great how little things can make our lives much easyer.I'm also a big Gadget fan, Whenever a new little Gadget comes out that knows a little bit more than the old one, i must have it.
It would be hard to efford to do this with faucets (http://www.badshop-sud.de/89-faucets), or bathroom accesories (http://www.badshop-sud.de/97-accessoires), because on buys it, and keeps it for a long time. On the other hand, as a client of mine poited it out for me, Some of the design and technology outhere is so futuristic, that it will stay modern for at least another 5 years.
But what kind of thechnoly can get incorporated into a faucet design? Well, you wouldn't belive what is out there for a reasonable price already.
My personal favorite is KWC, with their special little faucets, such as Colorflow – Echtzeit-Temperatur in Farbe, Tipcontrol  – Drei Stufen und drei Farben, Puretec – Berührungslos Wasser.The beauty and the Elegance of these faucets amazes me. I like it when i can see exactly how hot or how cold the Water is, just by looking at it without tuching it. Bot to mention how much my wife loves the idea of not cleaning the chrome of the faucet after each use.
Whichever you like (http://www.badshop-sud.de/), it is cool and modern. They have of curse "normal" faucets too, many other companys have normal everyday faucet, but KWC has deveoped these ideas, and made them affordable with an avarage faucets price.We have installed many of these, and everybody is satisfied with them. They smile every time they wash their hands.Let me describe these 3 in a littel more detail.
Colorflow is based on LED technology and reflects the water temperature precisely and continuously.The real-time temperature display offers a unique experience for the operator and forms a striking backdrop for the lever.
Three levels, three colours
Touch control regulates the water temperature hygienically and with minimum required contact thanks to DDSA® sensor technology. Just a brief touch on top is enough: once for cold (blue), twice for warm (orange) and three times for hot (red) – and to clean (green), press for five seconds.

The power of ideas
KWC ONO  (http://www.badshop-sud.de/765-kwc-ono)touchless exudes mystery. The water starts to flow without the faucet being touched – controlled by invisible forces. Puretec technology is contact-free and easy to use. The radiation-free DDSA® sensor technology sets the water flowing as soon as your hand is within 5 -7cm of the faucet.
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