Hip Hop artist writes book after 2nd brain aneurysm & 1st Stroke

Hip Hop artist Toni Hickman was signed to Suave House/Universal Records a while back survives 2 brain aneurysms and 1st stroke.She has now written a book about chemicals in beauty products that cause brain bleeds, cancer, and more.
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Houston - Texas - US

May 9, 2011 - PRLog -- In 1999, Toni Hickman AKA Slim Goodie was signed to the famous southern hip hop label, Suave House/Universal Records. She toured all over the United States along side 8ball & MJG, Tela, South Circle, and many more. Even though Toni "Slim Goodie" Hickman was considered one of the best females rapping by Vibe Magazine, and had been featured on several gold and platinum albums at the time, she was never able to put her own album out.With Suave House going through several court battles over unpaid royalties with most of the artist, the record label eventually moved Toni to Atlanta. It was in Atlanta that Toni started really working with some great artist, such as Jagged edge, Peaty Pablo, and more.
 Toni eventually did a song with Peaty Pablo that was so big, Suge Knight wanted to fly her to California to sign a record deal. A couple days before organizing the trip, Toni had her 1st brain aneurysm. She was admitted into Emory Hospital. Toni stayed in the hospital about 2 weeks before returning home. Even though her movement was slow, and her back was in extreme pain, she really didnt have any real physical disabilities.
 It took about 9 months for Toni to fully recover from her brain aneurysm. After she recovered, Toni started performing all over the southeast area, gaining the attention of Grip magazine, Ozone magazine, Break magazine, Georgia State Magazine, and more. She started putting her album together, and was about to do a joint deal with Jumpstreet records and her own label, Alika Entertainment. While taking a break from performing, Toni and her boyfriend decided to go visit New Orleans. It was in this city that Toni had her 2nd brain aneurysm and 1st stroke.
After continious vomiting and eventually passing out, Toni's boyfriend immediately rushed her to the hospital, where they realized that she was having yet, another brain aneurysm. The doctors shaved Toni's hair off and prepared to do brain surgery. Toni, still unconcious, was totally unaware of what was about to happen next. While the doctors are trying to stop the bleeding in Toni's brain, her body went into shock and at the age of 32, she had her 1st stroke. When Toni came to, she could not talk, add 2+2, and was paralyzed on her right side.Doctors suggested that Toni's mother should consider putting her in a nursing home because of her condition.However, Toni's mom was not excepting that. Toni started talking again, and her doctors suggested that she stop perming her hair, or putting other chemicals in it for at least a year or two.Even though doctors and nurses wanted to give Toni a wheelchair to go home with, after several times of falling, she eventually walked out of the hospital with the help of a walking cane and her mom.
After 4 months, Toni was transferred to a rehabilitation center in Atlanta, so she could be around her mom and son again.She started working on her new book and finishing her album. The book Title is,Chemical suicide/Death by association, Which is about how beauty products are causing liver disease, cancer, brain hemmorhages, impotency, and much more! The FDA doesnt warn us about any of these products, while we are purchasing ourselves to an early grave. Toni was inspired to write this book, because the doctors can't tell her why she keeps having brain aneurysms.She also completed her first album titled, Crippled Pretty, which deals with all the psychological growth Toni had to endure in order to feel "pretty" again. One of her songs was endorsed by Nike, Serena Williams, and Shape magazine. Toni is currently working on a memoir also titled Crippled Pretty, which is an explanation of her life, how she sold drugs, dropped out of school at 15, went to jail, went to New york to get a music deal, and lived in a shelter..and so on, eventually leading to her re-birth and her making better choices for her life.

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Toni "Alika" Hickman is a music artist/author/public speaker that was signed to Universal Records. In 2007 she had her 2nd brain aneurysm that paralyzed her right side and stripped her voice. She has a new book out "Chemical Suicide"and she is in the WSJ

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