TS EXPORT Reveals Strategies For Importing Motor Vehicles and Parts From Japan

Purchasing a motor vehicle direct and importing it from Japan can result in huge cost savings, but not knowing how to manage the purchase, paperwork and shipping turns the faint-hearted away. Experts at Japan-based TS EXPORT now share how to do it.
May 7, 2011 - PRLog -- There are many online auction sites through which you can purchase a wide range of motor vehicles from Japan.  Big companies do it because it saves them hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.  What is not so well known, however, is that individuals can import from Japan  easily as well, with the help of an export service provider.  TS EXPORT ( http://www.ts-export.com) is such a company and it now reveals the strategies that the big guys use.

“An unbelievable range of vehicles and parts is available to import from Japan, with purchases often made through auction sites” explains TS EXPORT’s general manager, John Hawes.

“These sales are not restricted to cars, but can include trucks, forklifts, tractors, motorhomes, buses, motorcycles, boats and jet skis.  The opportunities for people outside of Japan to grab a bargain, with a little help from us, are unlimited.”

Mr Hawes is quick to point out that TS EXPORT does not sell motor vehicles. Rather it is a unique service provider that facilitates the purchase of vehicles offered for sale by exporters from Japan. This includes managing the financial transactions, containerization, shipping, and ensuring that all export/import documentation is completed correctly.

Strategies For A Successful Vehicle Import From Japan

TS EXPORT believes the following to be the best strategies for first-time importers from Japan.

* Thoroughly research the vehicle or part that you want

* Browse sites like Yahoo! Auction to get an overview of the market

* Know the import requirements for your country - consult a Customs Broker

* Visit TS EXPORTs Main Cars Menu for links to view manufacturer model information

* Don’t ignore local Japanese sites like Goo-net (the TS EXPORT team can facilitate purchase from this site because they are Japanese based exporters)

* Purchase in Japanese Yen to reduce currency conversion costs

* Seasonal factors can influence prices, so be sure to look for your vehicle in the Christmas/New Year period, and just prior to the end of the Japanese financial year (April 1).

* Invest in a pre-export inspection, which TS EXPORT can organize.

* Use the TS EXPORT website to obtain shipping cost estimates

The TS EXPORT website has a wealth of information on importing cars from Japan, as well information on Japanese businesses looking to export motorhomes, tractors and jet skis.

For more information visit the website http://www.ts-export.com


Tsuchiyama Sangyo was established in Japan in 1983. The company has been successfully trading for over a quarter century and is now a second generation company.

In the 1990s the company was approached by a group of importers frustrated by the difficulty of sourcing automotive stock in Japan without a reliable multi-supplier network in place and without an ongoing day to day presence on the ground in Japan actively sourcing stock.

TS EXPORT® then began to meet this need. The company developed supply networks, an Export Center and holding yards and made these services available to other client groups throughout the world.

Rather than buying in something and then trying to entice customers buy it, TS EXPORT takes their customers’ perspective by helping them get the stock that they actually want! And they give them access to the full range of suppliers for more choice and the best prices - even those suppliers who are normally ‘out of bounds’ to foreign-based importers.

They collect and store stock so customers can ship full containers for the lowest landed cost... helping them to beat their competitors in both range and price.

The company has now shipped hundreds of thousands of stock items worldwide, meaning its clients can source and ship with confidence.

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