Lewis Carroll behind the Cheshire Cat at Wordwaves.com.com

Behind every great character is an author - Lewis Carroll exposed by his close friend Isa Bowman.
Cheshire Cat by Lewis Carroll at Wordwaves.com.com
Cheshire Cat by Lewis Carroll at Wordwaves.com.com
May 2, 2011 - PRLog -- Behind every extraordinary book character is the author and Lewis Carroll developed many of the most memorable and well loved book characters of all time like the Cheshire Cat. But what about the man himself? The best way to learn about the author is to read a biography, preferable from someone who actually know the man himself.

Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Lewis Carroll

Did you know that Lewis Carroll lectured in mathematics at Oxford University?
Did you know that he lectured until 1881 having his own a Fellowship in 1861?
Did you know that Lewis lectured for 26 years and was well regarded as a serious lecturer?

Lewis Carroll was afflicted with "Housemaid's knee", and this made his movements singularly jerky and abrupt. Who would have known that?

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Who is Charles Lutwidge Dodgson?

No it is not Lewis Carroll’s pen name or a character in one of his book - however it is a strange enough name to have been one.  Charles Lutwidge Dodgson is Lewis Carroll’s real name and not his pseudonym as one may well have imagined.

What Are Some Other Books That Were Written by Lewis Carroll?

Everyone knows the “Alice In Wonderland” books. How about other books written by him? Wordwaves.com provides some keys:

"The last work of his that attained any great celebrity was "Sylvie and Bruno," a curious romance, half fairy tale, half mathematical treatise."

“Sylvie and Bruno” and its second volume “Sylvie and Bruno Concluded” was the last book published in his lifetime.
“A Tangled Tale” is a series of short stories written by him and published serially in The Monthly Packet magazine.

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