The Secret to Selling Your Real Estate Fast for a Higher Price

Alison Murray is a career professional Edmonton Realtor with an incredible sales-to-listing ratio of 98 per cent for the year 2010. How does she do it?
April 29, 2011 - PRLog -- Alison uses her creative design background to ensure that the homes she lists sell fast and for the highest price possible.  It’s no wonder she is one of Edmonton’s most successful realtors.

“My education in Visual Communications, Design, Marketing, and Residential Interiors has given me skills that I’ve been able to leverage to serious advantage for my clients,” says Alison.  “Some companies charge thousands of dollars for what is called “Home Staging” but I’ve been able to advise clients on effective home presentation techniques at no charge.”

Modern Homes

Take for example this two year old three bedroom family home in West Edmonton’s Hardy Place that Alison sold recently.  “This family was really lovely to work with. They had a lot of trendy furniture and accessories which were very helpful for staging their home.  I helped them re-arrange the furniture to show off each room to its full potential – and the property sold in just two days.”

Character Homes

Alison has also showcased her creative flair with older properties, like the 1954 three-bedroom family home she sold recently on 48 Street in Beacon Heights.  “The owner had lived there for 40 years, and had some great vintage pieces to work with that emphasized the doll house atmosphere of this charming home. We helped the family to de-clutter and featured a lot of items that were not expensive but enhanced the character of the home beautifully. It was great fun
- and it sold in just a few days above the listing price.”

No Extra Charges

Alison gets the majority of her clients through referrals because she is happy to share her design flair and does not charge anything extra for her staging advice: “The staging can take up to 2 hours of my time plus ongoing consulting, but it’s a skill that I am happy to share with my clients.  It’s part of my services so it’s included in the real estate fees.  Most of them don’t want to pay a professional home stager $1,800 if they don’t have to.”

“My clients recognize that they are getting an extra service for free that really sets their property apart. With a bit of hard work and not much money a home can be much better presented in photographs, which gets more buyers through the door. Sellers tend to receive offers faster and I find that buyers are willing to negotiate higher.

“Selling a home is not an easy task.  You need to be prepared right from the beginning.  While the Edmonton job market is picking up, so are the number of listings.  That means you must present your home in a better light than the competition.”

For the Love of the Game

Not only does Alison Murray boast unparalleled marketing, pricing and negotiation skills, she loves her work.  “I love that I get to see the results of my efforts. Not only do I get to exercise my creative flair, but it’s extremely fulfilling to help people to achieve their goals at what can be a very stressful time.”

Alison’s Sell with Style - Do List

1.   Do get out the mop - Your home can’t be clean enough! This is my cheapest tip, but it’s the most beneficial. Think ‘show home’ and have everything sparkling.

2.   Do DIY - Broken doors, taps and baseboards really put people off – so get fixing!

3.   Do de-clutter - If you think that you have a lot of stuff, you probably do. I suggest taking away 30 per cent of clutter, especially in closet space.

Alison’s Sell with Style - Don’t List

1.   Don’t go overbroad - Get some advice on colour schemes before you begin decorating. You don’t want to do something that is inappropriate for the market you’re targeting.

2.   Don’t light up - Smoking in your home is an absolute no-no. Buyers have no tolerance for it at all and your home will not sell.

3.   Don’t forget Fido - Large, messy pets really put people off, so consider the whereabouts and evidence of your pet before you show your home.

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Alison Murray is a full time licensed Edmonton Realtor within the province of Alberta, a certified Edmonton Relocation Specialist and an expert in the Edmonton real estate and Edmonton Condo market. Her focus is assisting clients with buying or selling.

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