Los Angeles – “Fraud Capital, USA” – Correction to Los Angeles Times Report

David Pasternak's conduct was opined by a highly decorated FBI veteran as "fraud being committed", with a recommendation that "an investigation be immediately instituted".
By: Human Rights Alert, NGO
April 28, 2011 - PRLog -- Los Angeles, April 28 - in its recent report, the Los Angeles Times described a quarter-billion-dollar Los Angeles and Glendale housing scam exposed by Attorney David Pasternak. [[1]]  "The Los Angeles Times described it as law enforcement getting to the corporate vault and finding it open and empty," says Joseph Zernik, PhD, of Human Rights Alert (NGO).  The true story is more along the lines of a Hollywood plot, he added "The robbers, dressed as law enforcement, made it to the corporate vault and found out that someone else had got there before them."  

The case, which was subject of the Los Angeles Times report, was previously the subject of FBI complaint by Dr Zernik against Attorney David Pasternak, who falsely appeared in the case as "Receiver", with no valid appointment order. [[ii]] David Pasternak and the judges of the Los Angeles Superior Court have a long track-record of such conduct. [[iii]]

"It must have been a serious disappointment for the judges and attorneys involved, when the company that they planned on looting as part of the divorce case, turned out to be a shell game," says Dr Zernik.

The conduct of David Pasternak and judges of the Los Angeles Superior Court in real estate scams was opined by a highly decorated FBI veteran as "fraud being committed" a recommendation was issued that an "investigation be immediately instituted". [[iv]]

However, a letter by the same FBI veteran explained that FBI would not investigate such scams, since they would inevitably lead to exposure of widespread corruption of judges of the Los Angeles Superior Court. [[v]]

In 2010, report regarding conduct of the Los Angeles Superior Court in a series of real estate fraud cases under the guise of litigation, was incorporated into the official Staff Report of the United Nations Human Rights Council, with a note regarding "corruption of the courts and the legal profession" in California. [[vi]]

The Los Angeles real estate scams story is even more interesting, according to Dr Zernik, since David Pasternak and Sandor Samuels, key figures in such scams, also served as Presidents of Bet Tzedek - "The House of Justice", which advertises itself as protecting individuals against real estate fraud scams.

In 2007, Bet Tzedek announced a Southern California fraud-busting campaign.  That campaign was cancelled, and the whole Bet Tzedek website was abruptly taken off the internet, when evidence was produced of the involvement of Bet Tzedek President, Sandor Samuels, in real estate fraud.

In 2008, court records from Pennsylvania and Texas detailed real estate fraud in courts throughout the US under guidance of Sandor Samuels as Chief Legal Officer of Countrywide. [[vii]] It was the exposure of fraud in the courts that led to the collapse of Countrywide in January 2008.  "He is a central figure in one of the largest real estate and mortgage fraud schemes in history," according to Dr Zernik. [[viii]]

Already in the early 2000s, FBI reports described LA County as the "epicenter of the epidemic of real estate and mortgage fraud".  When Dr Zernik filed his first complaint with FBI in 2007, FBI duty agent described conditions in Los Angeles as "Fraud Capital, USA".

However, both FBI and the Los Angeles Times remain mum, when it comes to the role of "corruption of the courts and the legal profession" in propelling Los Angeles to "Fraud Capital, USA".

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Human Rights Alert, a Los Angeles County, California, NGO, is committed to monitoring Human Rights violations by the US government, and reporting such violations, including, but not limited to the 2010 Universal Periodic Review of the US by the UN.
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