Move Over Donald Trump!! Rich Handyman Reveals How He made Millions in Rental Properties!!

The Handyman Industry just got a wake-up call!! Rich Handyman Next Door David Calvin tells all in an easy to follow guide! Anyone with basic handyman skills can make a lot of money in the real estate market!!! Website
By: David Calvin @
April 28, 2011 - PRLog -- Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

David Calvin from has finally put all his knowledge and experience on paper! He says, "Any person with basic handyman skills can build a rental property business in a very short period on time and enable them to quit that 9-5 job and live where ever they want and enjoy a lot more free time to spend with family and friends!"

As David Calvin states in his guide: "My Rich Handyman Guide has done the handyman industry a huge favor! Where most companies in the market get paid once for what they do, my guide will show you how to get paid over and over for the same job forever!!"

David identifies 3 key point to anyone wanting to make it in this business:
-Best kind of properties to buy
-Best layouts for maximum profits
-What jobs to do and not to do
-The right paperwork and when

"These Rich Handyman steps are just part of an entire time and money solution!"

The complete step-by-step guide is fully documented in a premier guide called:
"10 Secrets of the Rich Handyman Next Door".  This guide is ready for immediate download at

David Calvin has been a certified trades-person for over 20 years and a handyman for longer.  In the past 5 years he has created a net worth of over 2 million dollars with the techniques he has written in his guide.

For more information visit his website at

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UIBC5 grad / Revenue Suite Property Specialist / Tradesman / Entrepreneur / Property Manager / Handyman / Real Estate Investor / Father & Husband. David has used his basic handyman skills to succeed in the rental property business very quickly.

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