ASPCA’s Cat of the Year, Henry jm, Releases Ouch! The World’s First Emotional Bandage!

Ouch! Emotional Bandage: In a world where apathy and indifference seem so prevalent, the bandage symbol sends a clear message that something is wrong. It compels us to ask "where does it hurt?" and "how can I help you?" Start a dialogue using Ouch!
By: Henry's World
April 27, 2011 - PRLog -- San Diego April 27, 2011

ASPCA’s Cat of the Year, Henry jm, Releases Ouch! The World’s First Emotional Bandage!

Henry jm, ASPCA’s Cat of the Year award winner, and developer Kaffer Enterprises, Inc., have come out with a brand new free app for the iPhone, iTouch and iPad called Ouch! Emotional Bandage

What does a three-legged cat who wins a big national award do? He doesn’t just sit back and lick his paw! No, he gets to work even harder to help humans and animals! Henry is on a mission to help people express their feelings and reach out to others. “People are strange, for some reason they pretend they are fine when they aren't. We animals wear our emotions on our fur, we lower our tails, meow, whine, whimper and woof, and we get our needs met.” Ouch! Emotional Bandage is a free app whereby you can express your emotions about those visible (or invisible) things that hurt you or cause pain.

When we are hurt, it may be obvious to everyone. We may have bandages, casts, crutches, and wheelchairs—all signals to the world that something happened; but what about when we hurt on the inside or when our wounds are invisible? Wouldn’t it be comforting to be able to make your inner hurts and discomfort as visible as your outer wounds, so you can get the caring, help, and tenderness that you need? We label packages when they are fragile, so why not ourselves? Ouch! Emotional Bandage is customizable with a universal image that tells people: Fragile, Handle with Care.

Take a chance—show others you care with Ouch!  You don't have to tell the whole story of how and why you hurt, just that there is an OUCH inside of you. Select or design your own Ouch! Emotional Bandage and send it via email, Facebook or Twitter to someone who cares, or whom you care about.

Features of Ouch! The World's First Emotional Bandage!  iPhone/iPad/iTouch application include:
•   Customizable bandages—choose the color/design, add text and photo; or choose from a list of stock bandages and messages
•   Post to Facebook, Tweet it to Twitter, and/or email your friends
Pricing & Availability:
Ouch! Emotional Bandage is available for free at the Apple iTunes App Store:
Additional Information:
If you don’t know about Henry jm, the three-legged cat, and his amazing journey and mission…
Visit his Web site at  

Developed by Kaffer Enterprises, Inc.
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Our mission is to help people become heros in their own lives, neither defined nor constrained by disability or circumstance. We envision families, schools, health care providers and communities working together to promote resilience, social and emotional learning.

To achieve this mission, our project uses the voices of Henry, the three-legged cat, and Dolly, the dog who feels invisible, to help both child and adult recover a perspective of innocence and a sense of their own capacities. Through the voices of these animals, we emphasize the essential lessons that if you cannot do everything that is no excuse for doing nothing; that hate is learned; that hard things do happen but do not define us; that each of us is unique and therefore necessary, and that as we learn to express our feelings we also learn to choose responses.

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