Book Trailer Released For "The Transformational Entrepreneur"

Performance Transformation, LLC announces the release of the book trailer for "The Transformational Entrepreneur - Engaging The Mind, Heart, & Spirit For Breakthrough Business Success".
April 22, 2011 - PRLog -- Performance Transformation, LLC, the professional coaching and strategic development firm headquartered in Venice, Florida, released the book trailer video for Managing Partner Terry Murray's new book, "The Transformational Entrepreneur".

"The book trailer is a short, one minute video that provides additional insights into the content and potential value this book offers aspiring entrepreneurs," said Terry.  "In writing the book, I wanted to share a pragmatic, step-by-step approach for igniting and sustaining entrepreneurial approach and philosophy I have seen work, time and time again."

"The Transformational Entrepreneur" provides an insider's look at the methods and best-practices developed over Mr. Murray's twenty-five year career of planning, leading, and executing successful business launches.  The book examines, in detail, the underlying principles of the human element in driving business success.

"Prior to publishing the book we conducted a detailed market study of the competitive landscape for similar books," adds Terry.  "We just couldn't find anything that reflected our perspective and detailed approach.  On the business side, we found traditional college textbooks, plenty of theories, and many anecdotal accounts of success.  On the humanistic, or spiritual side, if you will, we saw a plethora of etherial platitudes that lacked evidence-based outcomes or actual instructive materials in methodology.  "The Transformational Entrepreneur" bridges this gap; illustrating, in step-by-step fashion, how engaging the mind, heart, and spirit of human beings is strategically differentiating for businesses in today's global economy."

Going beyond proven business processes, the book explores how the entire human continuum, the source of creativity, empathy, and engagement, drives growth, profits, and sustainability.  Reflecting back on a career that has created more than $1 billion in market valuation growth, Mr. Murray draws evidence-based correlations between traditional business methods and how the human spirit was a consistent, contributing factor in successful endeavors.

"The single most important attribute CEOs are looking for today is creativity.  But we must ask ourselves, what is the source of creativity?" asks Terry.  "Creativity emerges from the human spirit, and how we engage, lead, and cultivate the human spirit in our businesses effects the bottom line!"

The book goes on to explore the symbiotic relationship between leadership, strategy, and culture and how the accretive nature of these elements can be leveraged in a mindful way to deliver breakthrough performance.

"We see it every day with our clients.  People are yearning to find meaning in their work and in their lives.  When we align our business vision with positive intention, with a sense of purposefulness, to be of service to our customers, our communities, and each other, a remarkable energy emerges within the organization.  That's engagement, and that's what's going to differentiate successful companies in the 21st Century."

"The Transformational Entrepreneur" is available at Amazon and select, independent bookstores throughout the United States.  Learn more at

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