Resolving the Bad Credit Auto Loan Dilemma

Too Broke to Drive to Work? Consider Online Loans
April 21, 2011 - PRLog -- With gas prices and insurance costs on the rise and jobs at a scarcity, many consumers are being forced into a tough choice between feeding their families or a fuel-hungry automobile. In many urban areas with poor public transportation infrastructure, a car is often the most reliable solution for a daily commute. Tragically, depending on a car for work-related transport can backfire, if rising auto maintenance costs catch up with income or a car accident eradicates the family sedan.’s new Auto Loan applications ( allow customers with little or no credit to apply online for a small loan - generally two-hundred to a thousand dollars though amounts are negotiable. This amount should easily cover a fair-sized mechanical repair or pay an insurance deductilble, which is often enough to get a broken down auto running just well enough to make it to the office.

Though criticized by opponents as promoting irresponsible lending behavior, bad credit loans are often the only option left to those struggling financially. When all other sources of funding are exhausted and payday is still a ways off, bad credit auto loans have saved many people from financial disaster.

Unsecured loans such as this are typically associated with high fees and late payment penalties, which may cause apprehension in some potential clients. Properly managed, these loans are an excellent tool to rebuild a bad line of credit. More importantly, the popularity of sites like ( are a good sign that consumers are taking on the fiscal responsibility of reducing or eliminating their debts without loading down their credit cards with more debt.

# # # has the right solutions to provide you with financial assistance. Various bad credit loans are available for all your specific needs, including cash advance payday loans that can put as much as $1,500 in your account within 24 hours.

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