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BARRETT,TX 77532 Due to a recent surge in home break-ins in the Houston area this year, Houston police officers are advising homeowners in the region to take certain home protection measures into consideration to avoid becoming a victim
April 18, 2011 - PRLog -- Harris County deputy Lennon Evans told the news station that to prevent home invasions and burglaries, homeowners have to think as burglars do. For example, he told the station a dog bowl can be an effective deterrent.

"Even if you don't like dogs or own a dog, put a dog bowl in the yard," he told the station. "Don't just put a little doggie bowl, put a big dog bowl, because mind concept says large dog bowl, large dog. Now the bad guy has to worry about where is the large dog and how vicious is this dog."

Additionally, the deputy stated putting a home security alarm company sign in front yards can prevent criminals from attempting to break into a home, even if homeowners don't own a burglar alarm. Also, he told the station residents should invest in heavy duty locks for their doors and windows.

Call 1-877-811-3616 Promo code A52975 FOR AN ADT ALARM AT A DISCOUNTED RATE
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