Top 10 Tips for burning off those Easter egg calories

iGlobalFitness have the Top 10 Tips to help people effortlessly increase their activity, burn off those Easter Egg calories and improve their health.
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April 18, 2011 - PRLog -- The average Easter egg contains 990 calories and 50g of fat. And with 70% of dieters admitting they suspend their healthy eating regime to take part in the chocolate eggs-travaganza, being physically active has never been more important*.

But for all the gym haters, running phobics and early rising, late working employees who don’t have time to exercise, the good news is that incorporating calorie burning activity into your daily lifestyle is easy, fun and effective.
iGlobalFitness have the Top 10 Tips to help people effortlessly increase their activity, burn off those Easter Egg calories and improve their health.  

1.   Join in with the kids’ games. Building dens, playing football and trampolining are all great ways to get active.
2.   Get out in the garden. Mowing the lawn can burn 300 calories in 30 minutes.
3.   Have a spring clean. If you put a bit of gusto into your hoovering, mopping and dusting, your housework will count towards your recommended daily amount of activity.
4.   Instead of sitting at your desk in your lunch hour, make sure you get out for a half hour walk.
5.   Try doing some light physical activity whilst watching TV - grab a skipping rope, do some toning exercises or even get a stationary bike to pedal while you watch.
6.   Instead of driving to the shops when you need a few items, try cycling or walking instead. You will burn calories and save petrol money at the same time.
7.   If you have a desk job then try and move around at least once an hour – deliver documents, go and talk to colleagues or offer to do the coffee round.
8.   Switch the TV off and go for a family walk after dinner. Not only will you burn calories and improve your cardiovascular health but you’ll get to spend quality time together.  
9.   Take up a new hobby. Replace sedentary hobbies like reading, going to the cinema or drinking at the pub with more active pursuits. Treat yourself to tennis lessons, go swimming or join a walking group.
10.    Join the Stay Active Challenge and compete to burn the most calories and be the most active!

iGlobalFitness is a leading provider of corporate health and wellness programmes. We work with companies to develop effective wellness strategies and build a convincing business case to support a more comprehensive approach to improving the health and wellness of their workforce. We combine this strategic approach with a global network of resources to offer a range of sustainable and measurable wellness services designed to stimulate employee participation, increase performance and drive employee engagement.

If you would like more information on the Stay Active Challenge or to trial a complimentary Activity Monitor please contact iGlobalFitness on +44 (0) 1244 206222 or

For more information about iGlobalFitness contact Nilmot PR on 02079934993 or e-mail

*Retail Active, 2010

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