FilmWorks Entertainment brings the emotionally charged war drama Line in the Sand to DVD this April

Line in the Sand - Available nationwide on DVD and other platforms April 26, 2011 from FilmWorks Entertainment.
Line in the Sand
Line in the Sand
April 13, 2011 - PRLog -- FilmWorks Entertainment brings audiences an unforgettable war drama with the release of ‘Line in the Sand’.  Filmed in the unforgiving Mojave Desert of California, the film is filled with the emotional impact of two men desperately trying to elude the enemy while enduring the harsh desert elements and the reality of having to survive not only their circumstances but also each other! Available nationwide on DVD and other platforms April 26, 2011

Set in the present day Iraq war, this tense and gripping drama unfolds as two U.S. Marines find themselves stranded and alone in the desert after their unit is all but destroyed in a routine mission.  One of their team is taken hostage in the attack and their Humvee is stolen, their communications are down and their supplies are limited.

Corporal Kapler (Rob Botts), bitter and battle-hardened, is injured in the ambush. He just wants to return back to base and has already given up on the captured Marine. Lance Corporal Miller (Gary Weeks, 29 Reasons to Run, Deadland) however, believes they should track the enemy down and rescue their friend as he truly believes that ‘no man should be left behind’.

Injured and exhausted, the pair must battle the elements and put aside their differences to make it out of the desert alive in this story of survival, sacrifice and the unbreakable bond that all Marines share.

Independently produced by Prodigy Pictures, ‘Line in the Sand’ has won multiple awards (Aloha Accolade Award – Honolulu Film Festival, Silver Award - Nevada Film Festival, Best in Show – Indie Gathering Film Festival) and is set for release on DVD, Download, Pay Per View and Video on Demand.

The ‘Line in the Sand’ DVD will include the following special features:
•   Movie Trailer
•   Audio Commentary
•   Blooper Reel
•   Production Notes
•   Photo Gallery


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