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Delicious Food Quotes on
Delicious Food Quotes on
April 13, 2011 - PRLog -- With the My Kitchen Rules Grand Final in the headlines, sate your food craving with tasty contains a smorgasbord of delicious books and quotes which you food lovers out there will just love. Juicy books like “The Gourmet’s Guide to Europe” (1903) gives you a delicious insight into turn of the century European cuisine.`s-guide-to-europe

Some mouthwatering quotes from “The Gourmet’s Guide to Europe”:

"There is a curious restaurant close by the station, Vagliani is, I fancy, the owner, where artichokes are the staple fare, and where the decorations are in keeping with the food."

"Their function is to provide luncheons, dinners, or suppers, and their chief spécialités are oysters, lobsters, other shell-fish, game, and truffles."

"The white wines, Ruster, Schomlayer, Szegszarder, and others are equally drinkable, while Tokay is of course a king amongst wines."

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Search “food”, “eating”, “delicious”, “roasting”, “cake”, “wine”... there is a buffet of lip-smacking food quotes from a library of classic books and authors thanks to quotations website. Food lovers, find your favourite food quote on today.

Falling in Love said:
"Fancy attempting nowadays to live a single day without sugar; no tea, no coffee, no jam, no pudding, no cake, no sweets, no hot toddy before one goes to bed; the bare idea of it is too terrible."

20000 Leagues Under the Seas said:
"In addition to bananas, we gathered some enormous jackfruit with a very tangy flavor, some tasty mangoes, and some pineapples of unbelievable size."

New Vegetarian Dishes said:
"In the meantime, place the cinnamon in the syrup and boil until it is reduced, place the pears in a pretty dish, pour the syrup over them through a strainer, and allow to cool."

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