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Get Your Battle Rattle On means something on a battlefield and can also mean the difference between good and great military design. You can have choices and when it comes to military design and concepts you can be directly in the design chair.
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April 12, 2011 - PRLog -- "Get Your Battle Rattle On!"

During the American Civil War, Navy regulations required the Battle Rattle to be made from White Oak, a hard dense wood known as The King of Trees, which symbolizes strength and virtue.  The Battle Rattle, a box with a single handle that produced a rat-tat-tat sound when spun could be heard over the sounds of battle, signaling the Captain's orders.  

A Battle Rattle is one example of a long standing military tradition, which takes on new meaning and functionality in modern times.  America's current warriors no longer rely on a Battle Rattle to save their lives by communicating the Captain's orders, but they do still rely on Battle Rattle to aid them in gaining leverage to win and survive battle.  America's volunteer military force is one of the best trained and equipped; with all the best Battle Rattle.  Modern warriors Battle Rattle may consist of a helmet, goggles, Kevlar vest, pistol belt, canteen, ruck sack, cold weather pack, and more.  One man is required to carry 30 to 100 pounds of gear into battle.  Each warrior configures their Battle Rattle to meet their individual needs for the mission.  Vision Strike Wear understanding the necessity for individual customization, allows patron's to choose the Battle Rattle that's right for them.  

When it comes to maneuvering outside the wire, American warriors have the best choice of gear at hand for the mission.  Whether they are helping civilians after natural disasters like Japan, Thailand, India, and New Orleans or helping a government suppress genocide and chaos, bringing stabilization to an area of operations, American troops are prepared for the task.  It is along this path of choosing one's gear that, Vision Strike Wear is set apart as the leader in all custom military branded apparel needs.
Vision Strike Wear's goal is to fulfill their customer's individual needs by granting them full customizing power, enabling their customers to make purchases, which reflect their achievements and personalities.

How does Vision Strike Wear accomplish this level of quality customization?
Vision Strike Wear doesn't stop at state of the art technology printing, or offering an immense variety of colors; Vision Strike Wear provides several designs for each military branch, which encourages customers to take customization to a new level to get their Battle Rattle on.  What does get your battle rattle on mean?

Vision Strike Wear's manufacturing methods enable their patron's instant freedom of choice to customize specific designs labeled Battle Rattle.
Battle Rattle designs hand the power of customization to their customers.
When choosing a Battle Rattle design, the buyer has the ability to customize the cover, war paint, weapons, rank, rates, service, specialty and much more.

No other company on the globe offers the freedom of extensive customization and direct contact with the artists with no minimum order requirements on purchases.  As a leader Vision Strike Wear dominates in supporting America and it's military forces with its For The Troops and Affiliate programs.
These influential programs permit Vision Strike Wear customer's freedom to support their favorite charities simply by stating they want a portion of the proceeds from their purchase to be donated to the charity of their choice, at no additional charge to the customer.

Vision-Strike-Wear.Com's Custom Military Unit Designs and innovative Battle Rattle system allows you to create a unique design for groups and for the individual with customization on both the front and back, shoulder and sleeves on a variety of apparel items from men and women’s t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, tank-tops, decals and more!  Wear the Military Gets Cover!

Visit and see the difference in military design and apparel that is making the difference in customization.

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