Bringing Down the Price of Gas By Helping Middle East Protesters

In her new book, Gas Only 99 Cents? 4 Reasons Why Democracy in the Middle East is a Win-Win, Catherine Claxton-Dong uses history to show why the U.S. and the American people will win big if we help out democratic protesters in countries like Libya.
April 12, 2011 - PRLog -- In Gas Only 99 Cents? Dr. Claxton Dong not only shows us the path to lower gas prices, but also the route to decreased terrorism and a kinder, gentler, Islam. What makes her argument different from the typical reasoning presented by those who want to see more U.S. involvement in the Middle East, is that she doesn’t base her analysis on the usual hawkish arguments.

Instead, she bases it on history. Not recent history, either. Her surprising data, presented in easy-to-understand spiral pie-charts, indicates that democratic revolutions like these are usual about a decade into the beginning of a century.

According to Claxton-Dong, without the pressure of democracy on leaders to be more responsive to the needs of average working people, we can expect decades of uprisings and strikes, creating further chaos in the region and driving up the price of oil.

On the other hand, with democracy should come a more modern and forgiving Islam – just as Chrisianity has changed with the times. And the “inevitable” breakup of OPEC – leading to 99 cent gas.

Catherine Claxton-Dong received her Ph.D. in government from Cornell and is also the author of The Middle East Revolutions. She can be contacted at

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