Can Zombies Aprreciate Music?

While the rest of us struggle to escape the zombies, Zombie Survivor and Jazz DJ Jimmy Rudolph works tirelessly to understand them.
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Pasadena - California - US

April 11, 2011 - PRLog -- This morning in New York City's Central Park, a group of joggers were set upon by a ravenous horde of zombies. There were no survivors. The carnage, described by professional dog walker and eyewitness Wendy Markham, was "too bloody for words. Brains everywhere, and bone shards."

But, asks Jimmy Rudolph of WZMB Jazz at Three, "Can they appreciate music?"

Rudolph, an employee of pre-Zombie-Apocalypse WZMB Radio, has made it his mission to restore the humanities to the Big Apple, as it fights for its life against a virulent zombie infestation. "While everyone else is talking about how to survive, I pose the question 'How do we live?'"

Jimmy Rudolph played a tape of the zombies devouring the joggers on his zombie radio show WZMB Jazz at Three ( ). Though it sounded revolting to the untrained ear, Jimmy Rudolph insists that the noises were a form of communication, mimicry, perhaps even art. "You have to pick it out," he says, "but unless I am very much mistaken, that's 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds'!" He even goes so far as to admire the percussive effects achieved by banging a stubborn skull on the pathway.

"We're too quick to dismiss these poor creatures as... well, creatures," Rudolph says. "It's important to try to communicate with them, understand them and appreciate them, just as we would any new culture."

The Zombie Infestation of 2012 is generally regarded as the worst disaster to hit New York City in five years. The resultant rise in service difficulties, traffic jams and violent deaths has left many New Yorkers frightened and suspicious. When they happen upon a zombie, their main concern is to escape it, or kill it.

"And that's the real tragedy," declares Rudolph. "Nobody can take away our humanity. We have to throw it away ourselves. And when we pick up a baseball bat to bash in a zombie head, that's exactly what we do."

Even Rudolph's zombie radio show producer, Miss Jamie Bogart, has doubts about Rudolph's philosophy. "To each his own," she shrugs, "but I really don't care if they like music or not. They can't hear it over my chain saw."

But Rudolph persists, setting aside time from his jazz show to interview Burt Wiggam, Professor of Anthropology and Musicology at NYU. Rudolph equates zombies with dolphins or whales, using music to communicate to one another. "Is it possible that these creatures can love and appreciate music?"

Professor Wiggam's answer; "No. They eat brains, man."

# # # At Zombie Radio Show, Jimmy Rudolph, a Jazz DJ, broadcasts live-- not undead but live-- from New York City, after the Zombie Apocalypse.
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