Pineapple Grenade Gift Items for Soldiers, Friends and Family Members

Unique military gift items available for wholesale purchase. Grenades! Pineapple and Lemon grenades.
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April 10, 2011 - PRLog -- Not the ordinary grenades made of metal, hollowed out, but something to be enjoyed by military enthusiasts, collectors, veterans, soldiers, their friends and family members.

Pineapple and Lemon grenade keepsake boxes that are realistic in appearance but open to reveal  a hidden compartment in the center where you can place your precious belongings, rings, photos, messages and other items of value. Perfect for display on a desk, on a shelf, or in that special man cave.

The grenade gift items are available for purchase for purchase at where they can be viewed and purchased. These are unique cold cast resin military grenades each standing 4 inches in height with a realism worthy of a grenade of their type.

A little history on the Pineapple Grenade

The Mk 2 also known as the "pineapple" grenade, was characterized this way because of unique shape and structure. Many grooves were cast into its cast iron shell, which was thought at the time to increase the fragmentation and the plus side of helping in gripping the grenade thus labeling it because of its distinct look of a a pineapple fruit.

Although TNT was used as a filling, (our version is missing this important part of actual working grenade) EC blank fire (smokeless firearm) powder was also used instead in some models due to the tendency of TNT to over-fragment the cast iron body. EC powder produced an adequate amount of fragmentation and did away with the need of a detonator.

The system of detonation was initially replaced by a tiny length of safety fuse terminated with a black powder igniter charge. Production grenades with the EC powder filler used the M10 series of igniting fuse. It was also commonly referred to as a "frag" or fragmentation grenade.

The Mk IIA1 was first introduced in 1942 and lacked the bottom filler hole of the Mk II being filled through the fuse well. The Mk II was identified with an all yellow body prior to 1943.

They were later painted olive drab for camouflage purposes with a narrow yellow band below the fuse. Repainted yellow grenades usually lacked the yellow band.

You will find that minus the gunpowder this fun and realistic looking set of grenades to make a wonderful military present.  

Visit and see why this collection of grenade gift items and the military designs they create set them apart as the military gift design leader.

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