In This Economy, Vacation Homes Rentals Are No Longer Just A Place To Drop Your Bags

ORLANDO, FL, APRIL 4, 2011: The economy has travelers seeking greater value along with lower traveling costs, privacy, and group travel and as such, they are drawn to vacation rentals over traditional venues like resorts and hotels.
April 4, 2011 - PRLog -- Not long ago, the quality of a vacation home for weekly rental was a “just your basics” home with little or no décor. “While they need a good value,” Says Vacation Home Owner, Victor Nawrocki of, “they are seeking a rental that will help reduce the rest of their travel expenses as well.”

Travelers are choosing to use their accommodations for more than just a place to change clothes and sleep. There are many reasons for choosing a rental over a hotel:
 Traveling in larger groups they can fit the occupancy of 3 hotel rooms of guests into a house at a rate similar to one hotel room! “Do you really want a family reunion over a laundry cart in the hotel hallway?” Jokes, Nawrocki, “Instead, how about relaxing in a beautiful home, perhaps by the pool?”
 Children need their rest. Being able to let them sleep late while you lounge by the pool, make breakfast, or catch up on work is not possible in hotel room. The days of “Shhh, don’t wake the kids.” are over. They are in their own private rooms not right next to you on a pull out couch.
 A mini-bar hidden within an armoire at a hotel is hardly the place to feed a family. Most people don’t really want to spend $10+ per person for one meal. Having a kitchen can reduce your meal costs by 90%. “Honestly,” says, Victor Nawrocki, “who wants
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to be admonishing kids on vacation for snaggin’ that $3 candy bar?”
 A beautifully appointed home allows you to spend more time in the home. Features like a game room, and big screen televisions add to the enjoyment of time spent in the home which saves money!
 The airlines have changed baggage rules charging up to $50 per additional bag and some are charging for your carry on as well. You can pack light and do a load or two of wash. Most rentals have a washer and dryer so one piece of luggage each can get you through.
 Staying at a hotel can be an a la carte experience. You pay extra for a crib, rollaway, extra person and even water on a per night basis. While some owners do charge for the accessories many will include it in the rate as an enticement to rent.
The range in pricing for a vacation rental can be from $50/night to $50,000. As the economy has changed the requirements for travelers has changed as well. Nawrocki has seen a change in attitude toward the homes, “People are much more interested in what the home has to offer because they intend to enjoy the home and keep some dollars in their wallets. The importance of a fully equipped kitchen is abundantly clear. Eat in and save money.” Many of my guests have relatives or friends who are unemployed. They have been looking to vacation rentals to take that person on a much needed break from the job hunt. Nawrocki points out, “I can’t tell you how many times guests tell me that a relative came with them and really enjoyed the home.” I have heard so many tragic stories of people who have been unemployed and they just need some time to get away from the resumes and computers. “I was delighted that one guest landed a job while staying at my house. They received the call that when they got back they could start work.”
The economy is changing the way people travel and their expectations of what they get for their money. Will travelers return to hotels when the economy improves? Nawrocki says, “Not once they see how much more they get for their money at a rental.”

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