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Power Distribution System - Expanded Capabilities & High Withstand Ratings, Air Circuit Breakers For Safety and Protection.100% ACB Fabrication & Testing
April 1, 2011 - PRLog -- Shihlin Electric Air Circuit Breaker (ACB) For 630a ~ 6300a Power Distribution System. For more than 30 years, hospital and hotel owners who need high electric current air circuit breakers (Air Electrical Breaker ) have been procuring machines from international companies, including Mitsubishi, LG, Siemens, FUJI, etc. The situation has changed because of Shihlin Electric's accomplishments. Currently, Shihlin Electric is the only breaker & switchgear system provider who is capable of supporting air circuit breaker for various power distribution systems such as hotels, factories and hospitals.

It is critical to ensure that the automatically-operated air circuit breakers discontinue electrical flow in order to protect an electrical circuit from damage that is caused by overload or short circuit. Unlike ordinary low amperes' circuit breakers (CB, MCCB, Shihlin Electric coordinates motors with its unique designed machine structure to disconnect the electrical flow. Shihlin Electric's air circuit breakers are designed after consulting all other international competitors to ensure its excellence - it adapts all of the various locks; each ACB has a controller embedded for setting, monitoring and testing; LED, LCD control panel; and zero-defeat rate.

A Team of Experienced Electromechanical Engineers
Because Shihlin Electric has an elite electromechanical engineering team with years of seasoned experience with backgrounds in working with international companies; it helped them to upgrade their circuit breakers to meet high standards. Furthermore, Shihlin Electric's self designed factory was constructed to achieve 100% automatic fabrication and testing.

Shihlin Electric's major products include air circuit breakers (ACB), inverters, capacitors, magnetic switches (MS), molded case circuit breakers (MCCB), earth leakage circuit breakers (RCBO, ELCB), etc.

Because of air circuit breaker (ACB)'s complicated structure, which contains thousands of parts, its zero-error rate performance is impressive. Furthermore, this amazing achievement had also been proven by more than a thousand electromechanical engineers.

Effective Air Circuit Breaker & Switchgear
Circuit breaker (CB) is the primary component that interrupts fault currents. The extinguishing of the arc when breaker pulls apart the contacts open (disconnects the circuit) requires precise design.

So far, there are very few companies that have the skills to design sophisticated ACB capable of disconnecting 6300 amp power distribution system accurately, and Shihlin Electric is one of them.

In Shihlin Electric, there are two types of air circuit breakers - fixed type and draw-out type. BA6300 series is a draw-out type circuit breaker that is suitable for high electric current (up to 6300a) power distribution system. Its adjustable range of rated current is between 0.4 In and 1.0In, and the maximum rated voltage (Ue) 50/60 Hz V is AC 690.

More details about air circuit breakers (630 Amp – 6300 Amp)

World-Class Air Circuit Breakers (ACB) Support UP To 6300 Ampere Power Distribution Equipment
Shihlin Electric delivers air circuit breakers to isolate electrical equipment and their capability is up to 6300 amp. Their air circuit breakers (ACB) are made combining all other international air circuit breaker providers’ advantages. Currently, Shihlin Electric owns more than 40% of Taiwan market and also aggressively approach international market with solid reputation. With thousands' air circuit breaker (ACB) accessories, its complicated design and zero percentage error rate are systematic proved.

Shihlin Electric with 50-Year of power distribution system experience allowed them to fabricate sophisticated UL , CE, CSA, JIS certified products, including air circuit breakers (ACB), magnetic switches (MS), molded case circuit breaker (MCCB), inverters, earth leakage circuit breakers (BHA, MCB, ELCB). Currently, Shihlin Electric’s main clients are Mitsubishi, Mitsuba, and other international companies. please visit our Shihlin Electric product portal

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Shihlin Electric's Breaker And Switchgear System Business Unit . mainly engaged in production of No-fuse Circuit Breakers, Leakage Breaker, Solenoid Switch, Capacitor, Air Circuit Breaker, for main clients Mitsubishi, Osaki Electrics, GE .

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