Electric car battery maintenance and use precautions

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March 30, 2011 - PRLog -- Electric car battery maintenance and use precautions

  1 to prevent the battery http://www.powerchargerbattery.com/panasonic-sdr-h20e-s-battery-charger-cb.htm
supply current suddenly increases, the best start or uphill, supplemented by human-driven;
  2 Try not manned or carry heavy objects;
  3, charging time, the best use of electric vehicles in 70% of the electricity to charge, do not run out of such power and then recharge, so as to avoid a "deep discharge" and shorten the battery life;
  4, such as chargers have no temperature compensation, it should be possible at room temperature (25 ℃), charging (indoor, especially in winter), the charger continues to charge after the green light to 2 to 3 hours, then cut off the power supply;
  5 electric vehicle battery exhausted (voltage lights), turn off power supply to human-driven, do not use the "pick-up voltage" to exercise;
  6 when the temperature regularly check the battery charge, the battery surface temperature anomalies found, please contact the professional and technical personnel to solve, find the causes of fever;
  7 you use the Panasonic maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, the battery does not need to join in the course of the electrolyte, do not open the battery cover, please do not break down, renovation, destroy the battery, or not covered under warranty;
  8 to buy batteries, the initial use or after long-term use must be placed on charge, because the battery discharge in custody will be gradually lost their capacity, so no charge can sometimes be less than the required performance reasons. If the battery does not charge for 1 years, and sometimes causes a shortened life expectancy. Please keep fully charged, if not kept fully charged, and sometimes causes a shortened life expectancy (winter without the use of electric car, the battery is fully charged, store, and on a regular basis to supplement electricity);
  9 Panasonic lead-acid batteries can be installed in the vertical and lateral direction of use (the maximum angle of 90 degrees to the normal position);
 10 Please do not use the letter that water, gasoline, kerosene, naphtha oil, more than 50% purity ethanol and other organic solvents and liquid detergent to clean the battery, such as the use of these substances may cause the battery casing cracks, leaks, the worst may cause fire ;
 11 found battery tanks, covers, which are cracking, deformation, damage and leakage phenomenon, replace the batteries. Battery life should be ended by the dealers a unified treatment, non-random drop;
 12, the battery should be installed inside the battery compartment cushion to prevent the process of electric vehicles in the ride, road bumps ran the battery in the battery compartment, thus avoiding cell damage early failure;
 13 within the battery electrolyte is highly corrosive acid, do not spill on skin or clothing, such as splashed on the skin, eyes, immediately rinse with water to the hospital to be treated seriously.

Customers based on past experience, your electric car mileage not reach the normal reason may be as follows:

  1 electric car tires tire pressure inadequate;
  2 caused by electric cars brake too tight;
  3 bike when the load exceeds 75Kg;
  4 charged in outdoor winter (ambient temperature below 10 ℃), caused by insufficient battery charge. http://www.powerchargerbattery.com/panasonic-lumix-dmc-fz...

  5 battery capacity to the standard ambient temperature of 25 ℃, the temperature drop per 1 ℃, the battery capacity by about 1%, should be considered in the use of environmental temperature.

Fanzhu the following circumstances, shall not provide guarantees

         * Panasonic battery service station received appearance has been seriously damaged beyond their capacity test of the battery;
         * Due to lack of capacity caused by over-discharge battery capacity after repeated charge and discharge the battery can be restored;
         * The drive motor, controller, charger battery failure or damage caused by abnormal;
         * Customers of battery production has been modified by the completion date.

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