Florida's First All Electric Car & Truck Dealership, Opens

Suncoast Electric Vehicles, in St. Petersburg, Fl. has opened their new showroom selling Wheego electric cars and Vantage electric vans & trucks. They offer all electric, zero emission vehicles for consumer, commercial and municipal applications.
By: Richard Nimphie,Owner, Suncoast Electric Vehicles
March 29, 2011 - PRLog -- I am told that I am innvoative, opening an all electric car & truck dealership.  In fact, this is far from the truth.  The first electric vehicle was produced sometime between 1832-1839 by Robert Anderson in Scotland.  In 1895, Americans began to devote attention to electric vehicles and by the early 1900's, you could buy an electric car that had a top speed of 14 MPH and a range of 18 miles.  The problem was, you would have to pay $2000 for it, while you could buy a Model T for $650.

Fast forward to current times, although the technology has vastly improved, the concept remains the same.  If someone can produce an alternate fueled vehicle at a substantially less operating cost, there must be a market for it.  This is why after almost forty years in the retail automobile business, I am convinced that the time for electric vehicles is here to stay.

Electric vehicles have never been more attractive, packing a punch to address both energy dependence and climate change.  The U.S. spends nearly half a billion dollars a day on foreigh oil just for transportation and internal combustion engines are the leading source of greenhouse gas emissions.  In response to these concerns and in light of lithium battery technology, our dealership is now able to offer one of the first highway capable, plug-in, zero emission automobiles.  The really good news, they are available for delivery within a very short period after order, not the long delay other manufacturers may be experiencing.

Even electric plug-in low speed vehicles with a range of up to 40 miles meet the needs of over 80% of the population who drive only 10-25 miles per day, local driving.  Our Wheego Whip selling for below $20,000 is such a vehicle.  The car is short, light, compact and easy to drive.  A perfect, intelligent, green alternative for urban dwellers.

Wheego wants to make the best electric cars in the world and also educate everyone as to the practical benefits of owning and driving one.  They do not aspire to be the biggest car company, or make the fastest cars, but instead, to make safe, reliable and fun products without compromise.  It was that philosophy that convinced me to partner with them for the Tampa Bay metropolitan area of responsibility.

For our commercial & municipal customers, the Vantage Green Truck and Green Van clearly define where electric vehicles are headed.  The vehicles are spacious, have heavy duty supension for extra load capacity and are very affordable.  They offer the perfect blend of cost savings coupled with a "green" halo for their customers to take notice of. Greening a company fleet has never been more practical and efficient.

Suncoast Electric Vehicles is open Monday-Saturday and the representatives can answer any questions you may have relative to electric vehicles.

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Suncoast Electric Vehicles offers a complete line of all electric cars, vans and trucks for consumer, commercial and municipal applications. Our cars and trucks are U.S. made, cost 2 cents per mile to operate and utilize a standard 110 household plug.

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