Media Training Question 88 What Does This 11 Year Old Know About Our Food Supply That You Don’t?

Science and medicine have largely ignored the mounting evidence that says we have a huge problem with the way we treat livestock and crops and Big Business spends many millions of dollars every year to hide this information from us.
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March 28, 2011 - PRLog -- (To see the full story and video go to

A few months back my good friend Jay shared with me a documentary titled, “Food, Inc.”  The documentary was well worth my time and I would encourage you to seek it out and watch it as it tells a horrific story about our food supply, especially poultry, and although the information may not be entirely new information, it is important information and I’m betting it will change where you buy your food and what you buy.  It was alarming and enlightening.

So last week a friend sends me a link to this YouTube video of this 11 year old kid who gave a presentation at school (he is home schooled actually) and so this may have just been a public presentation, but nonetheless his oration skills are on target and his message, not unlike the Food, Inc, documentary is right on and worth your time to watch.

I’m always blown away when a simple message finds the right messenger making the message that much more profound and purposeful, and in this case it took an 11 year old young man to deliver the combination of proper message and messenger.  He simply tells us through facts why we should be careful about what we eat and what we choose to put in our mouths.  It’s a message that many teachers share, it’s a message that many activist organizations promote, and it is a message that Big Business would not want to you to hear and if you will take just five minutes to watch it you will know why they don’t like this not yet a viral video. It deserves to go viral and I am hoping that my small effort here will help that along just a bit.

Our food supply is making us sick as a society.  The chemicals and additives, and preservatives, etc, are responsible, in my opinion, for many modern day epidemics including obesity, diabetes, ADD, ADHD, Autism, food allergies, including the massive and spreading peanut sensitive’s, and many more.  Science and medicine have largely ignored the mounting evidence that says we have a huge problem with the way we treat livestock and crops and how they are medicated for the purpose of making them “safe” for us.  Big Business spends many millions of dollars every year to hide this information from us and millions more buying off politicians so that legislation which would surely eat away at massive profit would be used to find alternatives to what they currently do to grow and raise our food supply not to mention the millions of dollars that are spent to retain attorney’s who bully organic and socially responsible farmers who are independently working to sell safe food.

Because this is about money and always will be the only way to change this problem is to seek out and demand that your grocer add more of the good food to their shelves, but the cost is an issue when you have a fixed budget and when Big Business ground beef costs $1.79 a pound and the organic ground beef costs $2.99 a pound, well we often, out of necessity, vote with our pocketbooks, don’t we?  

Organic food costs more because it costs the farmer more to produce and raise safe food.  It’s just the truth.  That cost has to be passed on to you the consumer as these farmers just don’t have deep pockets and the government will not subsidize these farmers, all the while subsidizing Big Business farmers to the tune of millions of dollars a year. Hell yes it’s wrong, and hell yes something needs to be done about it.

So along comes along this 11 year old young man who just tells it like it is and asks us to just listen and then make a choice.  That is all he does. No vitriol.  No hatred.  No anger.  No drama.  Just facts and well thought out questions that he leaves for you to answer.  So answer them.

I am one of the guilty many who have and continue to buy Big Business food but I am going to starting next week buy a percentage of our family food supply organic and certified as such.  I shop at Kroger and I know they have many organic products there so I am going to make an effort to do that and I will report back everything from cost to flavor to choices.

I did by the way go to a restaurant the other day and they had a steak on the menu that was certified organic beef and they proudly displayed a table tent that shared with the diners that they had a choice to order their chicken or steak from the certified organic menu.  We ordered both a chicken dish and a steak dish from the organic menu and I have to tell you, especially with the chicken, the flavor was remarkably better and the texture of the meat was amazingly different.  The steak was exceptional as well but the difference was not as remarkable but still very noticeable.

I am going to do this and I will report back so stay tuned.

The Media Trainer in me loves causes, of course.  This is certainly a cause worthy of my time and words and that I was so moved by this 11 year old, as I think you will be as well, was a nice reminder that sometimes the Universe works perfectly in getting us information in a way that makes a difference and gets people’s attention.  Although his delivery is not perfect and he could have been smoother and more polished this is one of those cases where the flaws, if you will, are what give us gold.  Reality in this case was what he needed to get the message out and the attention this subject deserved.  Do me a favor and pass this on.

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