How to Get Found On the First Page On Google

Advice from the quintessential SEO guy himself, Rich Preisig; “Do not fall prey to a company that states they’ll put you on the first page of Google by simply spending your marketing dollars on sponsored links. Get First Page Google Organically!
By: Rich Preisig
March 26, 2011 - PRLog -- If you want searchers to find your site on the first page on Google *organically, then you have some work to do, a lot actually. It’s all worth it and those who understand its power, but have no idea how to make any real money from having their Site online are simply not on page one of Google. Yet!

When you wake up in the morning or right before you go to bed, you type in your business and keywords and ... are you there yet?  When you’re eventually there it’s like you hit the lottery. More business than you’ve ever had comes out of nowhere, well not actually.  It’s such a rush every day to see your Alexa Rating drop while more and more searchers find your Site, not the loser on page 2!

How to get on page one of Google can be simply answered by working with Top Placement On Google.  Do you have this many Twitter followers?  You can because we'll make sure that you do!

If your Site was on the first page of Google, you’d be getting 81.63% of the clicks. That’s right, 8.163 out of 10.00 online searchers find their results on the first page of Google.  This literally means that if you’re on page 2, 3, etc. you’re just competing for wasted space anyway and your online presence is worth zero.  It costs you more to host the site than any money you may be bringing in from it.

Important:  Here’s a word of advice from the quintessential SEO guy himself, Rich Preisig; “Do not fall prey to a company that states that they’ll put you on the first page of every search engine by simply spending your marketing dollars on ad words and other paid for links.

*Organically – This means that searchers of what your business does can be found underneath the “Sponsored” results.  This means that your website is on the first page of Google, but you're not paying thousands of dollars each and every month like traditional marketing whereby you have to have quite a wallet, as in a million a month plus!  Get real and get Top Placement On Google with

There are many ways to slice the SEO pie up, but for a behind the curtain look at how effective having your Site and your products and services prominently displayed on the very first page of Google can be; type the keywords and keyword phrases into the search engine and see what comes up on the first 10 listing on page one.  Open up every single link and see what value it provides to the end user.  Some of the links you’ll click on will blow your mind, as they should clearly not be on the first page, and here’s where steps in, as just one point of example.

Do the results display your competitors?  Have you clicked to their Sites and see anything different about their search engine optimization results that are different than yours?  
Here’s your first “behind the curtain trick.” When you’re on one of your competitor’s sites and want to see what keywords they’re using to attract the same new business that you are, simply right mouse click anywhere on their home page, and a drop down menu will appear. Choose  view page source. This company’s source code is right in front of you.  

The exact guts of what is getting your clients to their site and not yours.  Then click CTRL and the F button.  A search box will appear. Type into the top box – “keywords” – press the enter button.  Find where the highlighted word “keywords” appears and you’re good to go. It’s not uncommon to cut and paste the keywords of others, as it gives you more to consider regarding what may be working for another company having Top Placement on Google.

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