Zombie Radio Show Declares Every Monday "Zombie Monday"

Zombie Radio Show, the host of WZMB, officially declares Monday to be "Zombie Monday", with new episodes of Zombie Radio Show rolling out every Monday.
March 25, 2011 - PRLog -- It's official-- Mondays are now "Zombie Mondays"!

Zombie Radio Show (http://zombieradioshow.com) the cult online zombie-themed comedy podcast, is rolling out new episodes each Monday, and in celebration thereof have designated every Monday to be "Zombie Monday".

"Zombies have become national icons," says Zombie Radio Show co-producer Angelle Gullet, "and we thought it was important to commemorate them in some way. But they looked kind of gross on a dollar bill, and Monday was just sitting there."

Zombie Radio Show portrays the difficulties of life in post-zombie-apocalypse New York City, through the eyes and dulcet tones of Jimmy Rudolph, jazz DJ, and his producer Jamie Bogart, played by Ms. Gullett. A new original episode will be posted on http://zombieradioshow.com, on Monday mornings.

"Mondays are when we feel closest to zombies," adds show creator Craig Sabin. "Until they have that first cup of coffee, most Americans can fairly believe that they are more dead than alive. This makes them very sympathetic to our world view."

Although both Gullett and Sabin have contacted their Congressman, there is currently no move to make "Zombie Monday" either national or mandatory.

"But there is a calendar in the works," promises Ms. Gullett

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http://zombieradioshow.com nA on-line comedy podcast. Jimmy Rudolph, a Jazz DJ, broadcasts live-- not undead but live-- from New York City, after the Zombie Apocalypse
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