Shining3D Laser Engraving Machine In Glass Decoration Design

Shining 3D Laser Engraving Machine is widely used in glass upholster designing.
By: Shining3D
March 25, 2011 - PRLog -- Laser Engraving Machine is widely used in glass upholster designing. To engrave corporation’s micro specific patterns and logos inside the high-grade glass, not only will not affect the overall aesthetics, but also can make them not be copied function, so the uniqueness of the product is protected.

Hangzhou Shining 3D Laser Engraving Machine most widely used laser engraving machines in the businesses of personalized crystal engraving, high-end crystal batch processing, glass decoration, glassware anti-counterfeiting, etc.

Shining3D Laser engraving machine is perfect for processing the decorative glass. It is an important supplement for the existing decorative glass processing technology. Shining3D Laser engraving machine engrave elegant pictures, enterprise culture image and memorable photos in the large size glass like glass screen, glass door and glass table. When illuminated with the LED light base, they become extremely beautiful and show a luxury temperament.

When it comes to glass adornments, Shining3D - Laser engraving machines can engrave various patterns of pictures in glass, which will meet the diversified needs of glass sculpture.

Take the image of Napoleon as example1. Select high definition Napoleon image.2. Import the picture into Shining3D-Laser engraving machine to engrave.(The Napoleon image in the case was produced by our custom-made Shining3D-Laser engraving machine.)3.We select high quality material as the borders and built-in diode. Then beautiful glass ornaments will be accomplished.

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