The Caliph Attaouil Bastin driving from Salt the Salafi expansion

Attaouil Mohammed and Rachid imn Menda drive from his stronghold of Salt, to other parts of Spain, the alarming expansion of Salafism, the most radical stream of Islam, which preaches non-integration of the corrupt Muslims in Western society.
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March 25, 2011 - PRLog -- Attaouil Mohammed and Rachid imn Menda drive from his stronghold of Salt, to other parts of Spain, the alarming expansion of Salafism, the most radical stream of Islam, which preaches non-integration of the corrupt Muslims in Western society. Attaouil, which has enabled an illegal mosque in this county gerunds, manipulates the City Council, to establish itself as a community partner that he can only manage and from which in recent years numerous incidents have been promoted. Her radicalism causes extreme discomfort among Muslims of the town, which so far are silent because they fear. Menda Attaouil and make a perfect symbiosis for the propagation of the most fundamentalist of Islam Online. The first is the authentic brain, while the magnet acts as the voice of his master. In his radicalism than to clrigo of LRIDA, Abdelwahab Houzi, Wahhabi leader.
In 2007, Mohammed Attaouil got from the Salt City Council permission to open a cultural association called Al Hilal (The Crescent). In the end, however, proved to be a cover to enable a place of prayer-AN Nour (Light) -. It turns out that the granting of license to install a mosque requires more stringent conditions Attaouil was not willing to accept. Despite this irregularity, four years later the chapel remains open.

Rachid Imnah Attaouil design and Menda, who has the dubious honor of being among the three clrigos ms fanatics in Spain, despite his youth, as it has not turned 30 years old. His radical rhetoric often leads to pray for the mujahideen fighting in countries like Iraq Afganistne troops from Europe and the U.S.. The magnet of Menda prdicas not fall on deaf ears. Of the 30,000 inhabitants in Salt, about 5,000 are immigrants of Muslim origin, most of them Moroccans. Jordi Pujol in front of the Generalitat, promoted the arrival of immigrants from the Maghreb, which was taught by the Catalan, Castilian but not to the detriment of the South Americans. In the end, the pull effect has only increased presence of Muslims in Salt, do not integrate, among other reasons, because people like Attaouil handle are installed in more orthodox Islam and exclusive.

Freedom of movement
The propagators of Islamic fundamentalism in Spain, including himself Attaouil have in Congress that Salafis ms effective instrument for proselytizing. A wise they come in line with this trend. And not just from Saudi Arabia, Egypt or Jordan, but also, and what can be more disturbing, Belgium, Holland and Germany. Having these last European citizen, do not need visas to enter Spain. As in the majority of cases are known of their presence when they are already in our country, where they have total freedom of movement. Tend to hold these conferences Salafis, in many cases subsidized by the citizens of Saudi Arabia, on days that coincide with Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter, a whole tradition desafoa majority of placement. Speak to an audience very large-sometimes close to 3,000 people, and usually with a low cultural profile, making the audience into a breeding ground for the shooting including the most fundamentalist discourse.

Segregated community
Salafism is the interpretacinms primitive and fundamentalist Islam. Advocates a backwardness, returning to the time of the Prophet in order to profess Islam stickler so just like he used Muhammad. In short, the promoters of its extension to Spain want to form a community that was segregated from the host society and that applies to a justice based on sharia law and not in the country.

But, apart from the proselytizing, these conferences are an important sources of finance, as its organizers raise money among the attendees. Some of them, with resources, have come to donate more than 4,000 5,000 euros.

The Caliph Mohammed Rachid clrigo Attaouil and Menda have much to do with the fact that Salt is currently regarded as the Muslim capital of Spain. The dreaded Ataouil has woven an extensive network of informers informing you of what is happening in various mosques established in Catalonia, and beyond. Has blacklisted as a magnet that did not agree with the fundamentalism of this trend. Magnets which gives the corresponding correction. Known powerful because influential people he supports Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Salafism.

From Salt, this trend is spreading to fundamentalist forces other Catalan municipalities, as LRIDA, El Vendrell, Villanova ... And so worrisome Catalonia moves to other parts of Spain, and Valladolid, Guadalajara, Valencia, Basque Country and Madrid, where the focus is concerned that it is being installed in the Corredor del Henares. In this expansion, providing an important role Attaouil logistics.

The Caliph of Salafism, a man of economic resources for its various businesses, offers volunteer as an NGO is involved, their support for immigrants from Muslim is being asked. In return, he demands loyalty unwavering. Thus it has reached a considerable number of followers, he has done, for example, to handle the nearly 5,000 Muslims residing in Salt. From ah has aupado as a mediator between the City Council, now chaired by the socialist Yolanda Pineda, and the Muslim community that ensures control.

This paper thus far has proved profitable, and that exercise in opportunism during the serious incidents in this county gerunds last January. The trigger was the death of a Moroccan child days later jumping from a fifth floor when huda of the Police after being caught driving a stolen motorcycle. It lived days of tension between the neighbors, tired of the growing insecurity and anti-immigrants who are criminalized. Attaouil sold very well to the Consistory that thanks to his role as mediator incidents Haban not been ams.

Profile: Mohamed Attaouil
With important economic resources, the result of several businesses, offers all kinds of aid to more needy Maghreb immigrants in exchange for support to perpetuate itself as unquestionable caliph of the Muslim community. But he fears a lot. In fact, it has managed to weave a network of informers who report on the perspectives of other magnets in the area that did not agree with the Salafist.

With these weapons, comes before the City Council as the party that can control a community that includes elements of conflict. In the serious incidents recorded last January, before the mayor sold the riots Yolanda Pineda Haban not been ams through her leadership in the Muslim community. The truth is that it keeps open a mosque illegally for four years.
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