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Cleaning Bank Owned Houses is an excellent way to make money in this economy.Learn how to earn a Six Figure Income Cleaning Distressed Repossessed Homes & Foreclosure Homes.REO Cleaning Businesses are thriving.REO Work cleaning repossessed bank owned
March 24, 2011 - PRLog -- Many people are looking for new ways to make money in the current economy with high job layoffs.  One of the best and literally recession-proof businesses to start currently is to start cleaning bank owned houses.  Banks and Realtors use companies that clean distressed repossessed bank owned foreclosure REO homes and the amount of REO Foreclosure cleaning work available is HUGE!  One of the best parts of getting into cleaning bank owned houses is the low start up investment and you will really do not need any long education or experience to get started.  

How do I Start Cleaning Bank Owned Homes,Cleaning Distressed Repossessed Homes?  
You will need to get a business license to start your business cleaning bank owned houses and foreclosure distressed homes.  Go down to your local city or county offices and simply apply for a business license.  Next you are going to need general liability insurance for your new foreclosure REO cleaning business, this is a must and all of the banks and realtors will require this before they will get you any work cleaning the foreclosure REO Bank Owned homes.  For free information about setting up a business cleaning bank owned houses, there is a great start up guide online that you can download, here is the link:
They have several guides and the banks REO Foreclosure contacts you will need.

What is Involved in Foreclosure REO Cleaning?
There are plenty of different services you can offer and charge for, here is a short list of just some of the most common services you can perform with a REO Foreclosure Bank Owned cleaning service:
Initial securing of properties (Rekey or board up windows), Install Lock boxes, Winterization, Bi-Weekly or Monthly lawn maintenance, Eviction/move-out assistance, REO trash-outs and debris removal, General Home Repairs, Electrical Services,Plumbing Services, Carpet Cleaning Services, Pool Maintenance & Repair,Automobile removal, Hazardous Waste Removal, Demolition and Removal, Install new or repair flooring,Replace or repair windows, And so many moreā€¦..

How Much Money Can I Make Cleaning Bank Owned Houses & Foreclosure Repossessed Distressed Homes?
Really, the sky's the limit in the bank owned cleaning business.  You can work as much or as little as you want.  Many people start their REO cleaning business part time and expand to part time.   Banks pay an average of $900 to upwards of $10,000 per property to trashout and perform bank owned home cleaning services before they get ready to put it onto the market for resell. Most bank owned foreclosure REO cleaning companies service 20-300 homes per month.

Where do I get Bank Foreclosure REO Contacts to Get Placed on Their Vendors List to Receive Work from the Banks and Asset Management Companies Directly?
Here is a Link with a Huge, Comprehensive List of Banks Hiring Vendors currently. Get REO Foreclosure Bank Owned Cleaning Assignments, Reo Cleaning Work & Foreclosure Cleaning Jobs Fast-To do this you will want to register your new Bank Owned REO Cleaning Business with as many of Banks, Mortgage Lenders, and Asset Management Companies as possible.  Here is a great website link that comes with over 1200 direct bank reo foreclosure banks and asset management contacts so you can quickly register your Reo Field Service Business with the Top Banks, Reo Asset Management Companies, Mortgage Lenders, and more...

How do I Market, Advertise, and Expand my Bank Owned REO Foreclosure Cleaning Services?
Marketing any business is an absolute must-have.  Learn how to Market, Advertise, and Expand your Bank Owned Foreclosure REO Cleaning Services & Business Cleaning Bank Owned Foreclosure Repossessed Homes for Profit.  There is a very good Bank Cleaning Services Marketing Guide that will help you grow your Business Cleaning Bank Owned Foreclosure Properties and Foreclosure Houses quickly and teach you how to market your new Bank Cleaning Services all over the internet for free. Here is the website link:

Another great way to get Foreclosure Bank Owned REO Cleaning Jobs,Cleaning Bank Owned Contracts and Work Cleaning Bank Owned Properties and Cleaning Foreclosures Houses is to sub-contract for other Bank Cleaning Services that clean bank owned Properties and Foreclosure houses in your area.  You can find alot of Bank Cleaning Services that Clean Bank Reo Properties and Foreclosures on the Foreclosure Cleanup Network.  It's a free social network dedicated to the Business of Cleaning bank owned foreclosure properties and Foreclosure Cleaning Industry and most Bank Cleaning Services that clean bank owned foreclosure Properties are on this site.  Join and start networking with other Bank Owned Cleaning Services that clean bank owned repossessed properties and foreclosure repossessed houses today.

The Foreclosure Cleanup Directory is also one of the best places to get  Foreclosure Bank Owned Cleaning Jobs, Bank Owned REO Cleaning  Contracts and Work Cleaning Bank Owned Properties and Foreclosure Houses. Make sure your Bank Cleaning Services is listed in the Foreclosure Cleanup Directory.  This Foreclosure Reo Bank Cleaning Vendor Directory is the #1 directory the Banks and Reo Asset Management Companies use to look for and locate new Bank Cleaning Services that are Cleaning Bank Reo Properties and Foreclosure Repossessed Houses to work with.  You can also locate Reo Real Estate agents on this website to solicit your Bank Cleaning Services to.  For Platinum members, they advertise your Bank Cleaning Services directly to the Banks and Reo Asset Management Companies every month. Here is the website:

We wish you much success in starting and growing your Bank Owned Foreclosure Repossess-Distressed Home Cleaning Service.

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