Multitouch Touch Screen Kits for Plasma, LCD, LED, Projection Film and Rear Projection Screens

Turn any Digital Display into a multitouch touch screen within minutes, Infrared touch screen bezels are essentially a frame that attaches to the face or front side of your display and creates an interactive touch screen out of your display.
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March 23, 2011 - PRLog -- Multitouch means that you can touch the screen with more than one finger or point of touch, multitouch is when you are actively using 2 or more point of touch at one time. True Multi touch screens allow you the ability to use multiple points of touch at the same time without interference with each other. Different multitouch options are available, Screen Solutions for instance offers 2, 6 and 32 points of touch for their touch screen bezels and most often your screen size and application will determine your requirements.

There is an effect known as “Ghost Points” that happens on inferior touch screen technology, ghost points occur when you are using more than one point of touch and the touch sensors cannot distinguish between your touches or your touches conflict and cancel each other out. It is important that if you require true multitouch you know what it is to look for and what to steer clear of.

Multitouch Bezels are equipped with Infrared Diodes throughout the frame that creates a grid like pattern over the face of the display. As you interact with the touch screen the infrared diodes and corresponding sensors are talking to each other and communicating your movement(s) and of course all of this is happening at extreme speeds.

Multitouch bezels make it easy to convert or retrofit standard digital displays within minutes, all of the technology is embedded in the frame work and you simply use the supplied double sided tape and apply it to the face of your display. Multitouch bezels are equipped with a USB connection making it a breeze to setup and go interactive without the need for convertors and needing to order additional accessories.

Multitouch Touch Screens are also available as integration kits which can be used for more of a permanent installation by professionals looking to incorporate touch technology into their projects. Most end users and some professional installers will not need or want to go through the hassle of integration and assembly so multi touch bezels make it easy, affordable and reliable method of integrating multi touch screens into your project.

Multitouch bezels are available in sizes up to 200” diagonal and are also available in standard sizes that are more readily available. For instance you can convert a Panasonic TH-103PF12U, 103” 1080P High Definition Professional Plasma Display into an interactive 103 inch multi touch screen display within minutes. It’s relatively easy and can even be done by an end user if desired, with the right information and appropriate multitouch bezel you can create a one of kind 103” interactive multi touch viewing experience that truly expands your possibilities and functionality.

Custom sizes, aspect ratios and requirements can be designed and fabricated as required also. It is important that you allow for additional time and provide a detailed list of requirements for your project if you are ordering a custom multitouch touch screen kit.
Multitouch touch screen kits can be incorporated into flat screen TV’s such as Plasma, LCD, LED and more including Front Projection Screens, Rear Projection Screens and Projection Film.

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