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Regardless of your current condition you can have an amazing body. To help you along your path, here is some simple information about low fat and low carb diets.
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March 22, 2011 - PRLog -- Who else wants to understand how to lose a fat tummy?

All of us have some body fat. Good levels of body fat are required to boost a person's well being and appearance, but surplus fat tends to boost the associated risk of poor wellbeing and is often viewed as less attractive in most cultures. Excess fat amasses in a variety of areas for different men and women, though some similarities can be made. Women tend to accumulate fat in their thighs and around their pelvis (hips, bum and lower mid-section); men in contrast are likely to store body fat in their midsection, giving a visual display of extra fat suspended over the restraints of overworked belts. This has fueled the descriptive terms of apple and pear shaped physiques (to name a few).

'Apples' consist of both men and women, as is easily recognized by being observant at any shopping center. Usually, central fat (abdominal fat both visceral - fat surrounding internal organs and subcutaneous - fat under the skin) accumulates due to a condition referred to as glucose intolerance or insulin resistance.

Glucose is the technological term for sugar in its most popular form. Glucose is in just about any carbohydrate-containing food and is the principle perpetrator in insulin secretion. Many lean individuals are very effective at dealing with glucose, only using the required volume of insulin to transport the sugar molecules into the muscle, liver or fat cells. Virtually every cell in the body has insulin receptors, but muscle tissue, liver and fat cells are its principal targets. Nevertheless, some individuals grow to be resistant to the insulin signal, therefore issuing more insulin from your pancreas into the blood stream to be able to process the sugar following a meal. Sometimes, insulin stays elevated, even when one is fasting: other folks have regular fasting insulin yet have to release a lot more of the hormone any time food is eaten. Fasting is the state of the body when one has not eaten for several hours. Only recently has the the significance of insulin production with a meal been realized.

Are low carbohydrate eating plans effective in controlling insulin production?

Although, just as fat has never been the nutritional villain recommended by well-intentioned dietitians, neither are carbohydrates. Keep in mind, not all fats and carbs are the same. This is where I don't agree with Dr. Atkins in his approach to severe reductions in good wholesome carbohydrates. Absolutely yes, cut down/out bad sugars, however good healthy carbs should stay on the menu. This does not present a free of charge pass to chow down on everything. For many people, absolute or near-absolute carbohydrate restriction can interfere with performance and alertness. Especially for athletes (and anyone undertaking strenuous activity). Just as before, you should realize that all carbohydrate-containing foods are not the same. Some dump their sugar hit into the bloodstream rapidly, causing sudden imbalan

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