Ballarat Area First To Host Water Diffusion Technology Demonstrations In Australia.

Water industry experts will be invited to the Ballarat area in April to view demonstrations of a new diffusion technology that produces 5 micron sized bubbles.
March 22, 2011 - PRLog -- Demonstrations of a new diffusion technology from Canada are being organized near Ballarat, VIC. Throughout April, water industry consultants, engineers and system designers will be among the first Australians to witness creation of 5 micron-sized bubble using proprietary equipment from Seair Inc.
Seair provides water treatment solutions that are not possible using conventional methods. The equipment increases the mass transfer of gases to liquid, which allows for efficient use of gases such as ozone, carbon dioxide or oxygen in treatment applications.  Reactions happen exponentially faster due to the increased surface area made available within the supersaturated conditions.  Moreover, off gassing is virtually eliminated which dramatically improves the economics of gas-based treatment methodologies.  Seair applies their proprietary diffusion technologies in solutions for water using industries such as mining, pulp and paper, oil and gas, recycling, food and beverage,  industrial processing and sterilization, remote and municipal wastewater treatment, agriculture, aquaculture and animal health.
Australian Water Association members were first introduced to the technology at an international conference held at Benalla in 2008. The Seair abstract presentation introduced their diffusion equipment working within a portable, remote controlled wastewater treatment plant.  The raw camp waste is treated to surface discharge levels within 24 hours using only oxygen and ozone gas.
In other domestic applications, the World Health Organization and Seair have worked with Professor David Midmore at Central Qld University, Center for Plant Research.  CQU experiments use Seair equipment to increase dissolved oxygen levels in their sub-surface drip irrigation studies. Trials have focused on reducing water consumption for cotton crops and increasing yield in wheat crops.
Wastewater process engineers at Brisbane City Council recently commissioned Seair to supply an ozone pilot plant featuring this diffusion capability. Media demonstrations will be provided March 30, 31 and April 1.

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Seair equipment diffuses gases such as Oxygen, Ozone and/or CO2 into liquid, resulting in supersaturate solutions which allow a variety of water using industries solutions not commonly thought possible with conventional technologies.

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