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Described as being hard and brittle, ceramic magnets are affordable to produce.Ceramic ferrite magnets can be categorized as either hard ferrites or soft ferrites, although these terms are misleading.
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March 21, 2011 - PRLog -- Alnico is a stock magnet, also know known as a permanent magnet. Alnico is considered a permanent magnet because it retains its magnetic properties for a long period of time. Alnico magnets have excellent temperature stability and can perform in high temperatures. Industrial and manufacturing industries use alnico magnets, which can be used in high temperatures of 425 - 525 degrees Celsius. Alnico is affordable and easily customized to the size and strength you need. Alnico magnets are good choices for industrial or manufacturing applications because of their many benefits. Alnico magnets are great choices for a number of purposes including industrial or consumer applications. Read My site.

Ceramic magnets are usually made from a chemical compound containing ceramic and iron oxide. Ceramic ferrite magnets are made using a process of pressing and sintering ceramic and magnetic powders. Sintering is used when manufacturing magnets and it heats two main materials to a point when they stick together. Described as being hard and brittle, ceramic magnets are affordable to produce.Ceramic ferrite magnets can be categorized as either hard ferrites or soft ferrites, although these terms are misleading. The differences between hard and soft ferrite magnets is not in the density of the material, as the terms hard and soft suggest, instead the difference lies in the intensity of the magnetic field needed to demagnetize the magnets. Hard ferrite magnets need a stronger, more intensive magnetic field to demagnetize . There are many practical uses of ceramic magnets whether at school, at home or in the workplace. For example, ceramic magnets are unique in that they can be applied to flexible fabrics, making them great for crafts and decorative purposes. Ceramic magnets are affordable and have a wide variety of uses. Read My site.

Neodymium magnet is a rare earth magnet made from neodymium, a chemical element with the symbol Nd and atomic number 60. Present in the ore minerals monazite and bastnasite, neodymium is a silvery, soft metal that easily tarnishes. Neodymium magnets are preferred for certain applications because of their strength and ability to perform in extreme conditions. Consider neodymium magnets in situations where you need to use maximum energy and work in service temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius. Neodymium magnets are considerably stronger than ceramic ferrite or alnico magnets. Products that are made from neodymium have many advantageous features. Although neodymium is strong, affordable, popular and can withstand cold temperatures it also has some cons. Unlike other rare earth magnets, such as samarium-cobalt, neodymium magnets have a low Curie temperature and as a result can't perform in high temperatures, which means that it could lose its magnetism in environments that are too hot. Neodymium is one of the few magnets that can perform very well in extremely cold temperatures. Neodymium is less durable than other rare earth magnets and must have surface treatments applied to prevent scratching. In order to protect neodymium magnets from cracks and corrosion often manufacturers will apply surface treatments in the form of plating or coating in the form of nickel, tin, zinc or gold. The problem of oxidation of neodymium magnets can be minimized by applying a plating or coating..

Flexible magnetic strips are used for many purposes in a variety of different industries. Using magnetism to work, when you place a magnet next to a ferrous metal or another magnet, the magnet will pull or attract the object using the force of magnetism. A magnet will attach itself to an object that it is attracted to due to the force of magnetism. No matter the field you are in, whether commercial, industrial, marketing or retail you will find many uses of magnets. Flexible magnetic strips are one of the most dexterous types of magnets. The advertising uses of flexible magnetic strips include labels, point of sale displays, vehicle signs and signage. Flexible magnets are often used for fridge magnets, planning boards and printed magnets. In particular fridge magnets are a great advertising tool because they keep your company information in a prominent spot in the home. Keep your products and services top of mind by using fridge magnets..

Not surprisingly, block magnets are named for their rectangular block shape, although they do come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. When you hear the word magnet, and close your eyes and picture a magnet, you probably are thinking about a block magnet. The block magnet is a popular choice in a number of different settings because of its versatility and affordability. Used in a number of different environments, block magnets are used in decorative, therapeutic and recreational settings. The composition of block magnets will change depending on your needs, which makes them an excellent choice as a customizable magnet. Customizing a magnet is surprisingly affordable and easy. If the type of magnet you need isn't in stock then most magnet manufactures will create the magnet you want affordably and quickly. It doesn't take long or cost a lot of money to have a magnet manufacturer customize a magnet for you.

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