Vastu World’s new finding: Mobile Towers & WiFi Antennas in Modern Townships, a Health Hazard!!

“The number of mobile towers in the city is not limited until now and there is less or no awareness of the “side effects”, that means, the health impacts of this permanent irradiation!”, said Wolfgang Priggen
By: Rashida Khilawala
March 16, 2011 - PRLog -- “The number of mobile towers in the city is not limited until now and there is less or no awareness of the “side effects”, that means, the health impacts of this permanent irradiation. And this is happening in every Indian city, nowadays!”, said Wolfgang Priggen, German electrical engineer, measuring expert, building biologist, dowser & health consultant.
Mobile operators all over the world regularly sound in unison, that there are no health risks, and that there are no studies which prove that mobile tower radiation and Wi-Fi antennae can make people sick. This simply isn’t true! There are more than 1000 studies worldwide which show an evident relationship between this radiation and heavy symptoms, and which can be found on the internet, too.
Mr. Wolfgang Priggen informs, “Already 6% of the whole European population are “electro-sensitive”. This means they are directly suffering from mobile phone radiation and other electro-smog (pollution due to electro-magnetic waves caused by mobile towers and Wi-Fi antennae) sources. And this number is increasing! WiFi antennas, digital cordless phones, wireless LAN, mobile towers and other new communication technologies are emitting similar digitally pulsed microwaves, which are overlaying the human electrobiologic system. These results in different symptoms like: Sleeplessness, headaches, migraine, weak immune system, dizziness and many others. Studies show that the red blood cells are gluing together like coin rolls under the influence of cell phone radiation, and others have found out that even DNA strings can break under this microwave exposure. The later would result in abnormal cell growth and thus, also in cancer.
One of my goals in the Prithwe Institute is creating awareness about the subject of electromagnetic pollution and about various other residential disruptive factors, having an impact on health. We are doing this with the help of seminars and workshops in the institute. At Prithwe Institute, we not only supply affordable high quality instruments for the evaluation of the electro-smog exposure, but also the suitable remediation materials.
For people suffering from electro-sensitivity (impact of radiation from mobile towers and Wi-Fi antennae) we are offering measurement, consulting and remediation services. Even the regeneration of the subtle body energies after the remediation has been done. These measurements are necessary in order to find out the reason(s) for adverse impact on health. Once disruptive factors are detected by measurements and inspection at home, a successful remediation can be done. Even those who currently feel healthy can be affected in the long run, and elderly people, females as well as children are most sensitive for environmental impacts.”
Mr. Wolfgang concluded that, “Each individual is responsible for their health, we need to be aware and careful!”

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