Picking The Right Wedding Favours Is About Remembering Who You Are As A Couple!

The reception is the chance to celebrate after committing to each other. It should be fun, exciting and speak to who you both are as a couple.
March 13, 2011 - PRLog -- What to give comes to two factors. One is how much money you have available to you. The other is if you are using a theme for the reception. This can be the starting point to figuring out what you can create for the guests to take with them. Both of these aspects can make your decision of what to pick easier than you think.

Making a budget is the first thing you and your intended should do. Once you have established the budget then keep to it as best as possible. If you are lucky enough have plenty of money then you can get very creative. But for most individuals the budget for favours falls behind the important photographer, location, alcohol, and food expenses so keep in mind you can find expensive ideas and make them yourself for a must more cost effective but stunning favour.

Take the idea of a beach theme. There are so many ideas such as candles with an ocean scent, suntan lotion with a personalized label, glass jars filled with seashells, or even flip flop can openers. Many themes like green, fairy tale ending, or even black tie can inspire lots of good ideas.

There is big money in this industry and the internet is a reflection of that. Many sites are dedicated to all that you could ever need for your wedding. The favours are a big part of that and many ideas such as candles, small frames that double for place card holders, and wine bottle stoppers seem to be used often. But there are some ideas that are different like heart shaped measuring spoons, mini olive oil and wine bottles, and even lovebird salt and pepper shakers.

Each couple wants people to be pleased with their favour choices and remember the event. Best thing to do to achieve that is the reflection of the couple you are. What are you known for doing, what's your favourite food, vacation, and even pet. Pick how people know you and give a gift that reflects that and all your guests will be happy.

While the planning can get out of control sometimes take steps to maintain some order by budgeting honestly for all the aspects of the day. The wedding favours should be more about remembering the day than breaking the bank so keep that in mind when you are choosing your parting gift to your guests.

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