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How would you like to be able to find local artists playing live music in your area? Bandorium is a music social network for Bands, Fans and Venues to cohabitate. A website where listening to and finding local artists is the main goal.
March 11, 2011 - PRLog -- How would you like to be able to find local artists playing live music in your area? At it’s making it easier to find venues that host live music. Everything from local restaurants, bars and taverns, to full fledged concert halls, it’s all fair game at Bandorium. With venues clearly listed that host live music and bands creating profiles that show where they’re playing, Bandorium can help you find local music in your area.

With music lovers in mind, a New Jersey company, is seeking out live music and making it easier to find. Having just launched March 1, 2011, Bandorium is building a following with local artists. Music artists, fans and venues all have the ability to create profiles and make it easier for people to find them.

“We were looking for a place to see live music one night and it was difficult to find information unless we knew exactly where we wanted to go. So we thought, wouldn’t it be great to have one place where we can find who’s playing locally,” said David DiLoreto, co-owner, Bandorium, LLC. “Now we can find venues that have live music, or find a band we follow and see where they play.”

Whether you’re an artist looking to promote your music or just a fan of live performances you can find what you’re looking for at Bandorium. The website features easy navigation to find users and a vote and ranking system to see what user’s favorite songs are. It’s pretty easy to build a following for artists, and every ‘groupie’ is listed on their profile.

Venues that host live music are encouraged to sign-up for Bandorium, it’s free promotion just by creating a profile. Smaller restaurant’s often have live music some night of the week. The more venues that sign up, the more chances people are going to find them. The goal is to get more people involved in the local music scene. The music industry is slowly beginning it’s renaissance. Local artists playing live music have a new place to be discovered.

About Bandorium, LLC. - is a music social network website that connects artists with venues that support live music, and fans that enjoy it. For more information please visit

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We specialize in creating a social media platform for Bands, Fans, and Venues to come together. You can visit us at

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