How to Align Sales and Marketing to Resonate with B2B Customers

To align sales and marketing with difficult to understand B2B products and services, start with an external view. Focus on how individuals make decisions to buy your products and services.
March 9, 2011 - PRLog -- The companies who have aligned sales and marketing the best are still growing 20+% in the current environment. They are using a common sales method and a common language wrapped around how their customers buy their products and services.

The all elusive value proposition is located in the mind of those who purchase your offerings.

Within the common language is customer focused messages which resonate during the buy sell cycle with the decision makers. It is extremely important these messages help the decision makers understand how the usage of products and services will help them achieve their needs based on value.

It is critical to avoid the all too common feature rich statements used in promoting many products and services.

Considering only the customer can have a Vision of a Solution based on value in their mind. Sales and marketing need to be prepared to help the customer discover their needs, before product and service details leave their lips.

At first glance this may sound easy, however, the messages need to directly relate with the decision makers based on their market and their titles. This requires modifying the core messages as required based on the markets and the common titles of the buying committee members.

Customer focused messages also need to use common words found within the market being pursued. Talking to them with their language, not internal technical jargon and language from the sellers perspective.

There are numerous pitfalls to using internal technical language, such as confusion and misperceptions. One of the worst is internal acronyms which can easily mean nothing to new prospects and customers and only get in the way. Remember, DUA, ( don’t use acronyms).
The paradigm, there is no longer a sales cycle after a company has aligned sales and marketing and built customer messaging by appropriate titles and markets.

The old sales cycle becomes a consultative buy sell cycle focused on helping the customer discover their needs based on value. The outcome of the aligned buy sell cycle is the creation of the Best Buying Experience.

The beginning of the Best Customer Experience.  Studies show the best in breed aligned companies have demonstrated to have lower churn rates of customers.  Intuitively, this is related to customer experience.

How to align sales and marketing is a series of articles being written by the Vision Group.

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About Vision Group: Our clients use consultative based sales and marketing aligned with how their customers buy. Focused on the shifting concerns of how individuals make buying decisions and their compelling business needs. This leads to the Best Buying Experience, the beginning of the Best Customer Experience.

Customers tell us we help train and educate their personnel on what their best do naturally. Using behaviorally correct skills during the buy sell cycle to connect and build trust. While using the power of story with visual messaging to help new and existing customers develop a Vision of a Solution based on value.

With our continued association with Mike Bosworth we are offering training programs and consulting designed to help develop personnel to become more effective at consultative based sales, marketing and prospecting.

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